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Douglas lost 23 kg: "My self-esteem only increased"

Douglas lost 23 kg:

Douglas Pereira Santos, 31 years old, already had a history of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the family. And although he had none of these problems, he knew that being overweight could trigger these diseases. But it was the knee that gave the first signs of wear. Due to the sedentarism, the pains were constant and the consultations to orthopedists, frequent. "They all told me the same thing: to lose weight and to exercise."

He entered the gym and saw that he was getting better physically, but the balance hand was not giving up, he was still in the same place. "The fact that I did not gain weight was already a victory, but I realized that I needed to take care of food too, because the exercise alone was not enough."

Douglas met the Diet and Health through a friend from work who had "I asked what the miracle of weight loss was and she introduced me to the site, the next day I signed it, and I started the change." He started to post, participate in blogs, make friendships and evolve in weight loss, doing the exercises and being encouraged by several people, achieving their goals little by little. "The knee pain disappeared and my self-esteem only increased." The experience worked, Douglas changed, reeducated, and learned to eat healthier. To download the free Diet and Health application, click here

Douglas Pereira Santos - Photo: Personal Archive

The point counter was essential for Douglas's dietary reeducation. "It allowed me to get to know the food, its nutrients and its benefits better." With the Weekly Report - and the little faces - he learned how to balance and plan meals. "I read the stories about exercise, nutrition and motivation, and the blog, which I consider fundamental for our evolution." Douglas recommends: "Exchanging information and ideas with other subscribers, who have the same goal as you, is very important."

Food re-education along with exercises directly influenced Douglas's mood, sleep, and breath. His self-esteem has also changed. "I no longer have to buy just the clothes available in my old size, now I can choose more cool clothes."

The family also went head-to-toe in counting stitches and started using the counting tools. The use of sugar, oil and other fatty foods greatly diminishes. "I built true friendships within the community that came out of the virtual world." "I've had the opportunity to meet some of them in person, and we've talked often, we've arranged dates, trips, outings."

The four-month plateau effect was the biggest challenge during the weight loss process for Douglas . "My weight did not increase, but it does not decrease, even by dieting and exercising correctly." But, as had already been informed on the site itself and the program's nutritionists about this phase, Douglas patiently crossed the period. "I knew that moment was momentary and that I could not be discouraged, I held my ground and soon the scale returned to show smaller digits."

All these changes would not be possible without the Diet and Health. Douglas says that the weight loss program helped him to see the need to eat in a healthy way, without starving or wanting. "Diet and Health means change of life, new life, quality of life, satisfaction, well-being!"

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