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Eight myths about exercising

Eight myths about exercising

Is it bad to drink water during exercise? Do abdominals even burn belly fat? After all, what is the most complete sport that exists? There are many doubts that circulate in the academies and between the training groups. So My Life talked to personal trainer Adriano Braga Coronato, who not only clarified myths but also gave tips on how to perfect the workout with the goal of losing weight.

You know that training worked "The pain we feel in the first days of training is associated with the new stimulus our body has undergone, but its persistence may indicate that the exercises have been done incorrectly," explains the personal Adriano.

This sensation is normal in the first and even the second week of training, but its constancy does not make sense after acquiring a regular physical condition. Subsequently, such as increasing exercise intensity or even changing activity, they may return, but again for a short period of time.

Doing abdominal exercises burns belly fat

"All exercises located have as function to work a specific muscle and not fat burning, "says Adriano Coronato. So when we do sit-ups, we're just contracting and relaxing the muscles of the abdomen. To eliminate fat, the best solution is to invest in aerobic exercises.

The professional also adds that a developed abdomen contributes to the improvement of posture, since those who do not present this region of the body worked perform a kind of compensation of the efforts

The workout works out more if it is done with the body wrapped in plastic or wraps

It is not because you feel more heat or perspire more that it is doing the workout render more. According to the staff, this simply means that the loss of water - not fat - is being increased. Even if the balance pointers show a simple increase in weight loss, it will be recovered as soon as the person hydrates.

It is bad to drink water during exercise

According to Adriano, it is essential to hydrate during exercise. After all, you lose water and nutrients while knit. In addition, water consumption is associated with increased muscle endurance, body temperature regulation, and cramp prevention. "In trained exercises, it is recommended to take 500 ml of water or some isotonic every half hour of exercise," he explains.

The staff further compliments that in short training the person may even wait for the end of the activity to drink water, but in the case of those of long duration, it becomes necessary to hydrate during the training with water and isotonic, which will also replenish the lost salts minerals

Bodybuilding fattening

Gaining weight does not mean fatten. Who knit is heavier because it is gaining muscle, not fat. As the staff explains, there is a positive change in body composition: you lose weight without necessarily losing weight. The professional also points out that it is no use investing in a bodybuilding workout and not balancing the diet. Anyone who has an unregulated diet that exceeds the number of calories that the workout is able to burn, will naturally gain weight.

Exercising short-term does not bring benefit

For exercise, we need energy, whose sources are stored in our body in three forms: creatine phosphate (consumed primarily in the first minute of training), glycogen (consumed primarily between one and 30 minutes of training) and fat (consumed as a priority after 30 minutes of training).In other words, these three "fuels" are burned simultaneously during training, but since there is a preference of the body to use more than one, some people realize that it would only be worthwhile to exercise if the activity lasted more than 30 minutes. To understand how wrong this idea is, the staff Adriano says that a strong 20-minute workout burns more fat than a slow one-hour walk. Therefore, time is important, but it does not define everything.

Swimming is the most complete sport there is

There is no sport that is more complete than another. Each modality is suitable for a particular type of person and will be more indicated depending on the goal of the trainer. Some want to burn fat, others want to have a definite body and there are those who practice sports, above all, for the welfare and social life that it provides. The important thing is to allow yourself to experiment with different modalities to one day find what brings you total satisfaction.

The more exercise you do, the faster you will lose

Although exercises are very important for health and represent an effective means of weight loss , Adriano Braga explains that the chief car to achieve such goal is the diet. "The exercise changes the body composition, but it is essential to follow a balanced diet, or its results will be minimal."

If the goal is to lose a few pounds, he recommends not too long, but very intense, because Caloric expenditure will be greater.

Avoid exercise during flu, viral infections, and muscle problems

Avoid exercise during flu, viral infections, and muscle problems

Although winter has come to an end, the great variations in temperature and that rain that catches us unprepared at the end of the day can leave you cold, with pharyngitis, sinusitis, that is, infection of the upper airways. Do you agree to keep your rhythm dictated by the pursuit of summer "healed" but feel a limp, stuffy nose that makes breathing difficult, cold hands and feet and hot forehead.


Exercise improves sleep quality and productivity

Exercise improves sleep quality and productivity

A study published in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity found that people who exercise at least 150 minutes of exercise per week sleep better and become more alert during the day than those who practice little or no exercise. The study was led by a researcher at Bellarmine University in the United States.