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Eletrolifting: know the pros and cons of the treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks

Eletrolifting: know the pros and cons of the treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks

Other names

Skin tightening, galvanopuncture

Indications of electrolifting

Electrolifting is indicated for the treatment of stretch marks, wrinkles and expression marks, because it stimulates the production of new fibers that fill these flaws in the skin by means of electricity. With the increased circulation and nutrition of the area, there is also an increase in collagen and elasticity of the skin in the applied region.

Can be made throughout the body and face for expression lines, nasolabial folds, wrinkles between eyebrows and in the forehead region.

It is also used for "drug delivery", a technique that infuses drugs into the skin through devices, but this end has been overlooked by poor performance.

How it is done electrolytic

A pen-shaped device with a small needle at the tip is often used, which is coupled to galvanic current equipment, generating an electric current for the region where it is applied. With this pen are made "scratch" movements along the entire path of wrinkles or expression lines. The objective is to produce an inflammatory process by the action of the needle and the current and later its regeneration, since the irritation caused stimulates the production of new fibers in the skin. It involves several steps such as hydration and electrostimulation.


The number of sessions varies according to the purpose of the treatment, but are usually 8 to 12, with weekly or biweekly intervals. The sessions last for 30 minutes (on the face) to 40 minutes (in the body) and can be performed according to the specialist's guidance.

Professionals who can do

Electrolifting can be done by doctors and professionals

Care before electrolifting

It is important to prepare the skin so that it is well hydrated and nourished for the electrolifting. No problem if she is tanned. Before the procedure, it is cleaned with a special substance to avoid bacterial contamination. Often the specialist may consider it safer to do a coagulograna, an examination that looks at the body's healing system.

Care after electrolifting

After electrolifting it is important to keep the skin well hydrated and to control the oiliness, to your best recovery. It is important to use night depigmenting and sunscreen with SPF above 30 during the day, reapplied every three hours.


Electrolytic therapy is contraindicated for those with cardiac arrhythmia, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes and Cushing's syndrome. People with cancer in activity, allergies or irritation to electrical current, hypersensitivity to pain and tendency to keloids.

Pregnant can do?

Pregnant women are also contraindicated to do this treatment and any other with electric current. eletrolifting risks

It is very rare, but there is the risk of the formation of spots on the skin and scars. However, all preventive care is taken when the procedure is performed by a trusted team.

Before and after electrolifting

After all sessions, the result is an improvement in tone, firmness and skin quality in the region applied, as well as the attenuation of expression lines and stretch marks in the body. However, not all dermatologists report it as the first treatment option. "It is not a procedure that I recommend, because in addition to needing many sessions, the results obtained are poor," says dermatologist Murilo Drummond, a post-graduate professor at Instituto Carlos Chagas.Alie the electrolifting with ...

Muscle strengthening of the face

When the electrolifting is done on the face with the intention of improving the tone of the skin, it is important to also strengthen the muscles, as the main system responsible skin lifting and firmness of the skin is the muscular system. To improve it, it can be to do facial gymnastics at home or facial electrical stimulation.

Facial gymnastics

Balanced nutrition Food also influences the health of the skin, and its appearance. Prevent unsaturated fats from foods such as olive oil and fish, and avoid saturated fats such as those found in sweets and fried foods.

Quitting smoking Cigarette smoking is associated with aging as it releases a number of harmful substances that increase the formation of free radicals , which results in longer and earlier wrinkles.

Daily sun protection Using SPF protection above 30 helps minimize the effects of sun radiation on the skin, which can cause aging and staining, as well as cancer. Dermatologist Helena Costa (CRM-RJ 5281778-3), member of the Brazilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Dermatology, is a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Dermatologist Abdo Salomão Junior (CRM-SP 91.536). Surgery

Dermatologist Murilo Drummond (CRM-RJ 337.051), post-graduate professor at Instituto Carlos Chagas

Diabetic skin is more dry and less sensitive to changes in temperature

Diabetic skin is more dry and less sensitive to changes in temperature

Diabetes is a chronic disease, which causes changes in glucose and insulin metabolism, causing damage and changes in various organs, including the skin. This condition causes important changes, both in glucose metabolism as in fat and also in proteins. Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of morbidity and mortality.


Learn how to reduce the appearance of some types of stretch marks

Learn how to reduce the appearance of some types of stretch marks

Striae are scars caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, which support the skin. "They can arise due to mechanical and hormonal factors, also associated with a genetic propensity, that happen commonly in puberty and gestation, with gain or rapid weight loss, among other reasons," explains the dermatologist Raquel Tancsik Cordeiro.