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Energy coming from the Earth

Energy coming from the Earth

The word "Geo" comes from the Greek and means "earth". "Therapy" comes from the word "therapeutic" with the sense of treatment. The use of clay is millenarian. The knowledge of its properties and its benefits was obtained through observations of the behavior of the animals that, wounded or sick, immersed the diseased areas in the healing mud.

We have always had within our reach five agents of nature with great therapeutic properties:

1-Medicinal and alimentary plants : also a thousand-year-old therapy, which is growing nowadays.

2-Sol: vital for its thermal effects in vitamin D synthesis and participates in

3-Water : has a calming, stimulating effect, being a great curative agent.

4-Ar : without it there can be no life, also used in therapy of respiratory organs

5-Earth : clay, which concentrates the energy of all elements, which gives it the powerful action of regeneration of living organisms.

These therapeutic agents are identified with the five elements of oriental medicine : earth (clay), fire (sun), water, metal and clay (clay), and wood (plants).

"Clay acts with discernment blocking the proliferation of microbes, while favoring healthy cell reconstitution."

Chemical analysis of clay reveals the presence of various elements chemicals that man needs. As it captures the energy of the sun, water, and air, it increases its capacity for physical regeneration.


Former Egyptian physicians used the clay internally to combat inflammation and ulcers and externally to the cases of arthropods (mud of the Nile River). The Chinese also use these two modes of treatment.

Assyrians and Babylonians applied black mud. The ancient Greeks contemporary to Homer used clay from a hill on the island of Lemnos. At the beginning of our age, Pliny summed up what he knew about medicinal lands, considered it a marvelous remedy for various diseases.

At the end of the Middle Ages the use of clay gained large proportions due to the plague that spread to many regions of Europe . Agricultural and Paracelsus great alchemists used in their clinical practices an infinity of therapeutic lands. During the World War the Russians received 200g of clay, the French mingled with mustard for the use of the clay of Luvos. alleviate the bouts of dysentery that attacked the neighboring regiments. In the time of the cavalry, the army used of the clay in the treatment of gangrene that reached the hooves of the horses. In Switzerland and Germany, doctors used the clay for a longer period of time, mainly for the treatment of respiratory disorders.

"Clay has a bactericidal and biological protective effect, has a harmonizing polarity. attracted to the clay. "


In recent years, the therapeutic use of clay has spread. As a matter of curiosity, allopathic medicine uses aluminum-derived drugs to treat gastric problems, and we know that the main chemical composition of clay is aluminum silicate, but not only does this component provide the healing effect of the clay, but a natural synergy with components that are dosed in a balanced way by nature.

As natural silicate to clay serves as a catalyst in the genesis of petroleum, determined a series of transformations of various materials. The clay acts with discernment blocking the proliferation of the microbes, while favoring the reconstitution of the healthy cell.The absorbent power of the clay is extraordinary, due to its micromolecular constitution, it absorbs impurities, substances that can be toxic. Its radioactivity is natural and healthy for the body, serving as a vital stimulant with the ability to re-balance the electromagnetic cells.

May cause exaltation of radioactivity that is impregnated in the body, causing it to fall to desirable levels and healthy to the organism

Clay - corresponds to the soil with:

- Fatty characteristics, especially when moist;

-Viscibility and plasticity when wet;

-Isenation of sand, regular granules and exemption of vegetables

There are some different types of clay: green, brown and white (grayish).


Silicon oxide, silicates, feldspar, mica, calcium carbonates, magnesium, iron and aluminum hydroxides, magnesium , apatite, zirconium among others. We are not dealing with inert substances, but with life itself where the improvement of problems is due to a transfer of natural energy to the diseased body.

Clay has a bactericidal and biological protective effect, has harmonizing polarity, everything that is unhealthy or radiation emitter is attracted to the clay and neutralized by the opposite polarity, with a rapid elimination of these residues. It can be ingested or applied on site in the form of poultices, compresses.

Clay is transforming and transmitting energy. Like a particle of filament from a magnet, which holds the properties of the whole, each piece of clay carries considerable energy from magnetism and radiations, supplying the body with an extraordinary reserve of force.

This radiant action contributes to the reconstitution of the vital potential, revitalizing and releasing the energy latent in it and until it is wasted. Is it symbiotic? with action and full, total and general? providing functional harmony between all organs and systems.

Low self-esteem and lack of self-esteem provoke anxiety

Low self-esteem and lack of self-esteem provoke anxiety

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Effects of insomnia are greater in women than in men

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