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Enjoy the bed to work out in the morning

Enjoy the bed to work out in the morning

You may have read many articles about the benefits a good lazy snack can bring to our health, right? But in addition to this healthy practice, you can perform physical movements in your own bed to start a light conditioning for the day. You may find it funny, but doing physical activities before you even get out of bed is very beneficial to the body.

To begin the exercise, take the pillow under your head and place it next to you. And in the sequence give a light general lazy and count up to 30 seconds, stretching legs and arms. Then hug your legs by the knees to lengthen your lower back, repeating this series three times, ie alternating, stretching and hugging legs for 30 seconds each.

Already tired? So get ready, because that was just stretching. After doing the set described above, you can start the resisted or localized exercises.

You may be finding it funny, but doing physical activities before you even get out of bed is very beneficial to the body

1. Adductor (inner thighs) - Lying with your back on the bed, with knees bent and feet aligned with hip, snap the pillow between your legs and press it (10 to 50 times);

2. Pectoral - In the same posture used above, hold the pillow between your hands, aligned with the chest region and press 10 to 30 times;

3. Abdomina l - Hold the pillow in front of the trunk and move the trunk as if it were to fit the pillow on the knees, without removing the lumbar from the bed (10 to 30 repetitions).

Hint: You can alternate in this adductor, pectoral and abdominal order and repeat two to three times according to your conditioning. To increase the resistance you can also use two pillows or fold it.

4. Buttocks (Bridge) - The same posture is used in the above exercises, but close your legs well and take the hip out of the bed five times; turn your hip to bed and separate your feet a little more and repeat five more ups and downs; separate five more until its maximum opening and finally make five more closed.

5. Slanted: Lie on your stomach with the pillow at your side. Take the pillow and place it on the opposite side, turn the trunk to the bed and make the same movement of 10 to 30 repetitions.

6. Quadriceps (squatting) - Sit on the bed with your feet flat on the floor. The feet should be aligned to the hip. Sit and get out of bed 10 to 20 times.

7. Triceps (hand-in-bed support) - Sit on the bed and rest your hands on the side of the hip. After that, place your feet slightly forward and pull the hip out of the bed, doing a slight elbow flexion of 5 to 15 times.

For beginners it is good to follow the program down to avoid injury and exaggerated effort.

1st week: twice a series of each exercise above (ex: Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday).

2nd week:

3rd and 4th week: three times a week and two sets of each exercise (eg Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

9 to 9 weeks: three times a week and three sets of each exercise (ex: Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). every other day and no. A good idea is to change these exercises with walking, dancing, swimming and cycling. And if you can, go to a gym or look in your neighborhood for a club or association that offers a physical activity program guided by Physical Education professionals.

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