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Enjoy Easter without exaggeration in food

Enjoy Easter without exaggeration in food

Easter is, for many, synonymous with hearty lunch and chocolates throughout the holiday. It is not necessary to deprive yourself of the delights offered at this time. Some tips help you celebrate without feeling guilty and the difference in the balance.

Moderation and eating with variety is very important at this time. Using small plates is a tip I always give my patients, since this automatically feeds on smaller portions. Another important point is that there is no forbidden food provided it is consumed in small quantities. Taking care of them, no one stops eating anything and manages to keep the body healthy at Easter.

There is no forbidden food as long as it is consumed in small quantities


Many people, especially religions that do not eat Red meat on Good Friday, opt for dishes with fish and seafood.

- Foods are good options to join the main course:

- Brown rice;

- Steamed vegetables: carrots, zucchini

- Pepper, extra virgin olive oil, chopped spring onions, rosemary, oranges, oranges, basil and lemon.


Chocolate has already been considered a health attack. In recent years, however, many studies have shown that consuming it moderately can do health good, especially if the chocolate is bitter.

Researchers who have compared the benefits of bitter chocolate to the effects of white and milk make sure that none of them is a match for bitter - only it has a high concentration of cocoa in addition to substances that protect the heart.

On average, bitter chocolate has triple antioxidants than milk chocolate. It is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, compounds found in the red grape and responsible for raising red wine in the 1980s as an ally of heart health.

Flavonoids have antioxidant power, that is, they fight against free radicals , toxic molecules that compromise the proper functioning of the body and prevent the deposition of fatty plaques in the arteries, which cause heart attack and stroke. Polyphenol has been shown to be effective in combating hypertension, one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

But despite the good news about bitter chocolate, do not think about gorging on it: chocolates are also rich in sugar and saturated fat, which contribute to the increase in weight and cholesterol levels.

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