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Executives Acquire Healthy Lifestyle to Participate in Disney Race

Executives Acquire Healthy Lifestyle to Participate in Disney Race

Between the 8th and 11th January, 2015 Thousands of marathoners participate in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2015. These are six events that take place in Disney parks and have different types of routes. There are 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km, 63km, two-day, and 78km, runs in four days.

At the invitation of Minha Vida, six executives accepted the challenge of participate in the Disney races. They will go through different tests and some will even face the 78 kilometers! In order to complete the finish line, they will follow up with the Run & Fun sports advisor, go through a check-up at Fleury Medicine and Health and are undergoing a series of changes in their lifestyle. Check out the process of preparing four of these executives and the benefits they have already achieved with healthy habits!

More energy to accompany children

Benni Boruchoeski, 40, practices the race since 2005. "At the time I only started with the objective of improving my performance.But I am currently practicing this exercise because it also gives me the balance between body and mind, the executive life is very demanding and the race allows extravasation, "says Benni. He has already run the Chicago marathon and several half-marathons.

Benni also hosted other executives in a Disney race. "I saw how cool it is to be able to change the lives of a group of people. What motivated me to participate in this action is to be able to find out how the other side is, who participates, and the idea of ​​meeting people, a group of people with whom I will share the joys and anguish of being there, "he says.

Running in a theme park is also an extra incentive! "It's a very playful place, and the organization of the marathon is sensational," says the executive. Benni plans to take the whole family to enjoy the parks and cheer for him in the marathon!

In the Disney race, he plans to tour a marathon, 42 miles. Incredibly, for Benni the biggest challenge will not be the race itself, but the preparation. This is because in the last six months Benni has not been able to dedicate himself to the race due to the birth of two of his sons. "Preparing for the race will be the biggest challenge because my personal condition is a bit difficult with my two newborn children and my job that demands a lot. Even the commitment of the marathon is familiar, since the training comes to be two and a half hours, I'm counting on the support of my family, "says Benni.

Benni plans to start her training in the coming weeks. "I know I will need to have a consistent discipline. I hope to finish the marathon in less than four hours," says Benni. In addition to racing, he will have to practice bodybuilding.

As he prepares for the marathon, Benni will acquire other healthy habits as well as exercise. "Food will have to change, get healthier, and I will not be able to sleep late because the workouts start early. In addition, I will have to see a doctor, which is an incentive to check if health is okay," says Benni .

The executive hopes the Disney race will make healthy habits come and go once and for all. "I hope that once training, I can maintain the practice of exercises. Sports are very good, they release energy and make you more willing. Besides the two babies, I have a two-year-old son and the energy of this group is great, "

78 kilometers at Disney parks

The Disney race will be the biggest sporting challenge that Priscila Metzker, 32, has ever faced. It will be 78 kilometers in four days! She will participate in the Dunga test consisting of 5 km on the first day, 10 km on the second, 21 km on the third and 42 km on the fourth day. "I like challenges, I think that the race is addictive and motivates a lot because it is a personal challenge and it reflects on everything, it helps even the difficulties that we find inside our home and at work.It is very satisfying, you feel healthier and willing" , says Priscilla.

Priscilla started running at age 22. "The decision for the race was even funny, I chose this sport because I was going to get married and my budget was restricted, so I opted to race in the Pampulha Lagoon, in Belo Horizonte, where I lived at the time," he recalls. ran two to three kilometers. "Then I moved to Brasilia and there I went to a teacher to help me run and I managed to go through my first 10 kilometers, then I went 21 kilometers. I moved to Rio de Janeiro, a city that breathes sport, and I ran there a lot and I have tried to improve my time, "he says.

The executive has already done several 21-kilometer races and is now preparing for his first marathon in Buenos Aires in October and will help prepare for the Disney race. This is because she wants to go through the experience of participating in a marathon before facing the four intense days of the Disney race.

To face the 78 kilometers, Priscilla's training is hard. "I work out four times a week, I try to maintain a volume of 60 kilometers a week, and I practice weight training two to three times a week in order not to lose lean mass," she says. some major challenges in the process of preparation and completion of the Disney race. "One of them is to keep the diet, as the race takes place in January, the holiday season will have just come to an end and it will be difficult to resist the temptations. Other challenges will be to continue the routine of training, increase the volume of race and prepare myself mentally, not be anxious or afraid of injury, "he says. Priscilla is currently treating a canelitis, a problem that causes leg pain. "But as it is initial, this problem is already improving," he says.

The Disney race is just one of the great challenges that Priscila wants to face. "I want to run an ultramarathon in Africa in three years, it's 90 miles to go in a single day," he says.

Preparing for the Disney race made the executive improve food. "I used to eat a few carbohydrates and more protein, now I have included them in the diet and I feel more willing, my memory and concentration have improved, "says the executive. Priscilla also had good nights sleep. "The recovery and the rest are very important for the athlete," he notes.

Running for a healthier life

The concern with health was one of the main motivations for the commercial director of Minha Vida, Daniel Freixo , 37, decided to take part in the Disney race. "My family has some cases of heart problems and recently I discovered that my cholesterol and triglycerides were high. I realized that I needed to take care of my health," Daniel says.

Daniel is determined to go through the half marathon of Disney, which has 21 kilometers. "My motivation is to complete the race, because I have never run such a great course, being together with other people and helping to change their lives is also a motivator," Daniel says.

Daniel's training consists of running three times per week, about five kilometers each race and he counts on the help of a sports advisory. "I started the training three weeks ago and already noticed difference, I feel more willing," Daniel notes. The director will also have to practice bodybuilding twice a week.

At the moment, Daniel has tendonitis in the sole of the foot. "My body is not yet ready to go for so many miles, but by January it will be," the director says.

In addition to investing in exercise, Daniel is also more attentive with food. "I'm trying to reduce the ice cream, which I love, but I know it's not very healthy. I'm also reducing happy hours, after all, the next day I need to wake up to run," he explains. Daniel wants the new healthy habits acquired during the preparation to become constants in his life.

Healthy habits that have arrived to stay!

Barbara Toscano, 39, took the opportunity of the Disney race to adopt a healthier habit. "I've always wanted to run, but I've never had the courage to start or opportunity, I think it's going to be a great challenge and I can include the race in my routine," Barbara says. intense to complete the 21 kilometers of the half marathon of Disney. She runs three times a week, two of them outdoors and another at the gym. The executive also maintains bodybuilding twice a week, an exercise she already did before starting to prepare for the race. "The race gives me a lot of energy, and my biggest challenge will certainly be to complete the half-marathon course, since the ride is long for those who are starting to run," the executive remarked. a group. "I think it's cool to exchange experiences with people in the group," she says.

Barbara hopes that with the training for the Disney race, this exercise will become part of her daily life. "The day-to-day practice is the biggest gain, after the races I have a lot of moods and I feel better. It's also important for good mood and weight maintenance," says Barbara. She wants 10-kilometer tests to be part of her daily routine.

To prepare for the race, the executive will also change her diet. "I hope to change my eating habits and eat every three hours, I know this is important even to complete the test.I also want to sleep more.I want the Disney test to represent a gain in quality of life for the future, not until January, "says Barbara.

Overcoming an Injury

Due to tendinitis in the knee, Tatiana Miana, 33, has never been able to run. "The impact on the asphalt made me feel pain, so running was always alternated with walking. Then I started to do bodybuilding," says Tatiana. With the activity she was able to strengthen her muscles and better prepare for the race. "My biggest challenge will be to take so much time and see if the knee will hold," he notes.

Being a race at Disney parks is a great motivator for Tatiana. At the moment, to prepare for the race, she is performing two workouts per week. "I'm still hitting the exercise schedules with sports counseling, but I've already learned from them the heart rate changes and the control of that to increase performance," stresses Tatiana.

In addition to exercise, she also takes some care with diet. "I've always had to keep an eye on food because I'm a miner, the tradition is that events happen around the table, so I regulate during the week, because the weekend with the family is more complicated," he says. With the training, Tatiana already begins to feel more willing and hopes to achieve even more benefits with the race. "I'm looking for weight loss and the best conditioning for the race," he explains.

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