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Exercising one more muscle group than another can cause injury

Exercising one more muscle group than another can cause injury

Some people exercise arms more than others give so much attention to the legs. Others do exactly the opposite. This usually happens because of some aesthetic desires that differentiate men and women.

Women usually want more thighs and butt while men have more arms, chest and back, in short, upper limbs. The concern that this situation will certainly generate an imbalance that could bring some damages in the future.

This is because in our daily activities, like working, studying, driving, walking, playing some sport, going to the bathroom, etc. There is the request of the body as a whole, since all muscles have their functions and therefore need to be developed. So to imagine the damage just think that at some point the muscle you need to perform such an activity may not be prepared to meet your needs and this could lead to a fall, injury, an imbalance, a pain and so on.

Adolescents and young adults usually do not care much about this, but as they move past the age of 40 and approach the third age this imbalance will surely bring some of the above problems.

Strength training methods ) more traditional advocate a division of muscle groups so that one day will be just the group that the individual wants to work less. For example: one day only for men and one day for women, and what happens is that this generates a demotivational factor for many who end up boycotting this training day.

I must reinforce that this does not mean that the method is wrong and that this kind of work does not motivate everyone, but we know that a good portion can not have the same efficiency as on other training days.

My personal suggestion that I apply to my students is to divide the training that can work muscles of the lower and upper limbs in a single training session, and of course, that for aesthetic reasons the region that most desires to have results can be emphasized.

I must also remember that all the principles of training must be meticulously followed mainly by overcompensation, which is what respects the recovery time of the muscle group that was worked before giving it a new stimulus.

The mean recovery time It does not vary according to the training density which includes training load, recovery time, repetition volume and number of series, but the literature recommends an average period of 48 hours.

We must also remember that to tinker with this structure of training the practitioner's weekly attendance should be considered, as the division is different from a person who has a frequency of two, three, four, five, six or seven times a week. If these factors are not considered and by chance the principle of overcompensation is not respected its outcome can be compromised. This problem is very common with new students in the academies, who arrive saying that they will go five times a week, but actually end up going two or three times a week.

Training split suggestion for those who train five times a week by intercalating members

Tuesday - Training B: biceps, back, quadriceps, hamstring, calf and lower back

Monday - Training A: triceps, chest, shoulder, adductors and abdominals, abdomen

Wednesday - Training C: Focus on core region (abdomen, obliques and lumbar), cardio-respiratory training and stretching.

Thursday - Training A: triceps, chest, shoulder, adductors, abductors and abdomen

Friday - Training B: biceps, back, quadriceps, hamstring, calf and lumbar.

Note: Thursday and Friday workouts must somehow be a bit more intense in volume or intensity because the recovery time will be longer than the workout on Monday and Tuesday.

Martial arts: choose the one that suits you the most

Martial arts: choose the one that suits you the most

Martial arts are age-old techniques of self-defense used for military combat. Present in all corners of the world, they are characterized by not using firearms and have in the body the main instrument of defense and attack. Practicing a martial art is an excellent activity for anyone who wants to get in shape.


Tips for doing physical activity

Tips for doing physical activity

Before beginning to exercise, seek medical evaluation and do specific exams so that you have a specific plan, making you achieve your goals faster, avoiding injuries, and • Guidance is old, but it should always be remembered, since even in young individuals in whom the coronary artery disease rate is lower, there is always a risk of congenital heart disease, which is the the main cause of sudden death in young people.