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Specialist gives tips on what to do to stop smoking

Specialist gives tips on what to do to stop smoking

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of smokers in the world is of about 1.1 billion people. And in the last century tobacco was responsible for the deaths of 100 million people. In this World Without Tobacco Week, My Life promoted a chat with the pulmonologist Maria Vera Castellano, president of the Smoking Committee of the Paulista Society of Pulmonology and Tisiology (SPPT) and director of the Respiratory Disease Service of the Hospital of the Public Servant (HSPE), which clarified the doubts of our Facebook users about tips on what to do to stop smoking. To know what will be the theme of our next meeting, who will be the invited expert and send your questions, just enjoy our Facebook page and stay tuned to the dates and times. Follow the conversation with the pneumologist Maria Vera:

Maria Vera Castellano

Manuela Pagan: Do nicotine patches work?

They work. It is a great help option. It is important to remember that to succeed the person has to be motivated and choose a date to stop smoking. From this, it is important to organize life, start a physical activity and change the routine. It is important to always put something in your mouth when you feel like smoking, foods like cloves, cinnamon, carrots can also help. Avoid the so-called "triggers" of the cigarette, habits like having a coffee with cigarette. Only then start treatment with the adhesive. It is a great form of treatment that decreases withdrawal symptoms.

Carolina Serpejante: Chewing gum helps quit smoking?

There are nicotine gums (which replenishes nicotine), but they are less effective than the adhesive . They leave the person with their mouths busy, which decreases the urge to smoke. Those who have gastritis can not use these chewing gum because they can damage the stomach and cause thrush. Normal chewing gum can also be helpful by keeping your mouth busy. Try to use sugarless gum

Laura Tavares: Is strawberry cigarette less toxic than pack cigarettes?

No, this is a myth. In fact, the straw cigarette, because it is made of raw tobacco, is much more harmful than the industrialized cigarette. One study showed that a straw cigarette corresponds to eight industrialized cigarettes and causes a much greater risk of developing cancer in the oral cavity.

Lucia Israel : To leave the cigarette, a psychologist and medicines?

Not everyone needs medication and psychologist follow-up. All dependence on nicotine is genetic, that is, the tendency to be a smoker. And there's also a gene that makes it easier to quit. About 15 and 20% can stop alone.

Graziela Souza: What specialist should I look for to help me quit smoking?

You can look for pulmonologists, psychiatrists, and cardiologists. There are several public hospitals, universities and institutions that offer this treatment too, look for some of them in your city.

José Carlos Ferrão: How long does it take for nicotine to leave the body? How long does abstinence last?

The abstinence syndrome usually lasts 15 to 30 days. The only symptom that takes longer to disappear is increased appetite. This may take four months to disappear. When the person stops smoking, he feels the difference in time. After a few hours there is already improvement of the circulation, with some days already there is improvement of the breathing. For the cancer risk to match that of the general population, the delay is five years. In 12 hours the nicotine leaves the body completely.

Vanise Regina: What is the best way to help someone quit smoking? And when this person does not want to stop smoking?

Who loves wants to see the person without smoking. Sometimes the one who loves is so anxious that it questions the smoker too much, and this can generate nervousness in the person. Care must be taken that you no longer become a source of tension. It is best to advise the person to seek out a specialist.

Joelma Godoi: What should I do if I try to quit smoking every time I feel the pain and discomfort? Does that mean I can not?

This means that you have an intense withdrawal crisis, but not that you can not stop smoking. Seek a doctor to help you and, if necessary, prescribe a medicine to help you. You will probably need to use methods like the nicotine patch.

Letícia Gonçalves: Quit Smoking Fat?

There is usually an increase in appetite. People tend to consume more sugar by stimulating the production of dopamine, a calming hormone. In the body of the smoker, foods are taken advantage of differently by the body than non-smokers. When the person stops smoking, the body takes a lot more food, which increases the weight. Ideally, people who try to stop smoking should avoid sweets and do physical activity. Physical activity causes the release of endorphin, a neurotransmitter hormone that also provides well-being.

Laura Tavares: Smoking at the weekend only is very harmful?

There is a lower risk of cancer, but it exist. Sometimes people who smoke only for the weekend have a hard time quitting. And when there is a stressful situation, you turn to smoking and can become a daily smoker. The advice is to cease altogether, there is no safe dose of cigarette.

José Carlos Ferrão: Does using Rivotril hinder the quitting process?

The use of tranquilizers does not usually disturb the process of quitting smoking. But to be sure, just by talking to the doctor who prescribed the medicine. The lack of a cigarette can lead to an anxiety crisis, and stopping the medication can aggravate this condition.

Graziela Souza: Is there a risk of using a contraceptive pill with cigarettes? danger of smoking and using the pill. One reinforces the bad effect of the other. Nicotine alters the wall of blood vessels, this facilitates the formation of vessel thrombi. The pill also causes this effect. Therefore, the combination of the two greatly increases the chances of having a thrombosis. In addition to the general risks of smoking, the woman who smokes has early menopause, aging skin, osteoporosis, risk of miscarriage and infertility. If the woman becomes pregnant and smokes, she is at increased risk of placental abruption. The baby is born with less weight and is at risk of malformation. Many women quit smoking during pregnancy, only to resume smoking soon after the baby is born, and the baby becomes a passive smoker. You have to keep this in mind.

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