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Find out when the scream signals an emotional imbalance

Find out when the scream signals an emotional imbalance

Many people suffer deeply from the conflicting feelings of being patient, irritable, and responding with shouting, whether in personal or professional life. This uncontrolled speech is the fruit of unbalanced mind.

For lack of patience and irritation comes the lack of control of many people who describe this feeling as if the "emotional being shaken" and explode in aggressive behavior and shouting.

In addition to general malaise, whoever cries feels:

  • Misunderstood by the other
  • Unsafe to express what he thinks, with difficulty of communication through precise words.

Nobody likes to watch situations of uncontrolled, neither of himself nor of others. The cry is a symbol of lack of reason and out of control. It is an imbalance in the relationship, because who shouts lack image of strong and domineering. In theory, those who are right can speak and do not have to shout.

What is behind the moments of screams and emotional imbalance?

Who suffers with emotional shouting and uncontrolling needs to understand what is occurring with ideas, emotions, expressions (tone of speech). It is necessary to evaluate how emotional health is at this point in time.

Some are quiet for a long time, "swallow frog", do not digest emotions and then go out with the force of speech wrongly, others act constantly. However, after the explosion, the adrenaline discharge, it is common for reason to take the lead, and perhaps guilt, self-analysis, self-criticism, logic and pondering have the most striking and firm presence in the mind and consciousness, for many, there is crying, malaise and guilt after this kind of situation.

In general, whoever cries has some problems:

  • Friends who move away
  • Relatives who move away
  • Problems in the work
  • Health compromised by excessive stress

Treatment options

Trusting ourselves, that we are able to behave, express, argue and talk with balance is very rewarding. I wish that those who need to reach this new level of emotions.

  • Evaluation of physical health (consultation with a doctor)
  • Evaluation of emotional health (consultation with a psychologist)
  • Examinations (if necessary)
  • Medications (if necessary) )
  • Diagnosis and prognosis
  • Treatment (if necessary)
  • Psychotherapy for adjustment and learning of expression

Some physical changes, for example, hormonal, among others, can alter the gait of the expression of emotions. Emotional problems, possibly stress, anxiety or even depression (the diagnosis is made during the consultation when you are with the professional), may be part of that moment. Lack of patience, irritation often can be part of this picture.


It is important to remember and emphasize that the secret here is not to know if to control, to try not to act like this, but to learn new answers, to break the cry pattern and cry, and with that, be able to have new options for actions and expressions. This is really learning, requires training and an interest in change (which is necessary) and this path will lead to healing.

Psychotherapy sessions will be of great value to your emotional health. When seeking help, if a treating is indicated, initiating the process will all be done in the best and most fitting way for reaching healing and well-being. Learning to "scream softly," and speak in the proper tone that is socially accepted and will yield good fruit, will be of great help in balancing communication.Success in what you seek! See you soon!

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