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Fingernails: learn how to put on and tricks to last longer

Fingernails: learn how to put on and tricks to last longer

The false nails are artificial nails placed on natural nails and then coated with gel or enamel. They can cover only the end of the nail, or the entire surface of the nail. You can buy them to apply at home or choose to make them at the salon itself, with the help of a professional. There are several models of false nails and each person adapts better to a specific model. Ideally, false fingernails should be used sporadically, since glues used to attach them can damage the nails because of the chemicals in their composition.

What are the false nails made of?

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The most common false nails are made of ABS plastic, but there are nails of various other materials: porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, among others. There are also those made with antiallergic materials.

Types of false nails

The most well-known types are those that require the use of adhesive glue for fixing. Also available in the market are the adhesive options, tips (which are tips for nail stretches, applied only at the tip of the original nail to increase its size), gel nails and their variations such as acrigel, nails made with molds, silk fiber and fiberglass, plus porcelain nails.

Common False Nails

Common false nails are practical, easy to apply and do not need to be cut every week. In addition, the enamel has good durability. However, frequent use of common false nails can impair the health of natural nails by altering the appearance of the nail plate due to the application of glue.

The disadvantage of these nails is that the use of the separate glue requires care.

Self-Adhesive Fingernails

Self-adhesive fingernails, as the name says, are those that do not require the use of glue in order to be fixed on the natural nails. Because of this, they are easier to apply and adjust according to the size and shape of the nail. They do not require time to dry and, as they do not contain liquid glue, they also do not leak.

For nail art fans, false nail polish often comes with ready-made designs. They can also be applied at home even more easily, have longer durability and are more resistant.

The downside is that, because of all these advantages, the adhesive nails are usually more expensive.

Fingernails tips

This type of nail is applied only at the tip of the natural nail and serves to lengthen it. Usually, it is suitable for people who can not let their nails grow naturally without breaking during the process or even for those who want to have long, beautiful nails in a shorter period of time. "is quick and practical, as you simply have to glue the tips at the ends of the natural nail. On the other hand, the glue used for fixing this type of nail can damage the nail tip and leave it weak for a while - at least until it grows again.

Porcelain gel nails and their variations

The gel nails are super-resistant and look quite natural. They are the perfect solution for those who have very weak nails and that break very easily, as they protect the natural nail, allowing it to grow in a healthy way. In addition, the nail glow is permanent even without enamel.

The disadvantage is that the shape of the natural nails is gradually changing, especially after a long period of use. This can lead to grooves and creases and make them break more easily as well.

The removal process is also a point to consider. It is made only with a sandpaper, which can weaken the natural nail for some time as well.

How do the nails applied?

Check step-by-step:


Before any thing, it is necessary to remove the shine of the natural nail, making it matte, with the aid of a special sandpaper to the surface of the nails. This helps in fixing the nails and prolongs their duration; 2.

The nail should then be cleaned. The ideal is to use 70% alcohol to ensure complete cleaning and also the efficient application of the glue; 3.

Next, select the nails that will be applied, checking the one that best fits the nail of the person . When buying nails, they already come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that will look more natural. Generally, the best option is to approach as close as possible to the size of the natural nails, to be sure, place it, without glue, on your natural nail; 4.

Before application, do not you can forget to remove the white powder from the nail after sanding. To do this, a nail polish remover is usually used; 5.

When applying the nail, a drop of special glue is dripped onto false nails, spreading it all over the nail. The ideal amount of glue is a determining factor for the right nail to last the right time; 6.

The nail is placed at the base of the natural nail and the cuticle is carefully pushed, so fit perfectly, looking natural. You should then press the nail on your finger for about fifteen seconds until the glue is fully attached. Care is taken when attaching the nail to prevent air bubbles from forming between the nail and the artificial nail. If this happens, repeat the procedure; 7.

This procedure is repeated with all fingernails. Then, if necessary, the false nails can be cut and sanded until they are in the desired length and shape. For a perfect finish, it may be preferable for the person to remove or at least push the cuticle before applying the false nails, but it is not It is recommended that this be done immediately prior to application. Ideally, the cuticles should not be cuffed for a week before insertion of the false nails.

False fingernails take one to two hours to apply and maintenance should be done every 15 to 20 days depending on the condition

What is the professional who applies nail polish?

Manicures, nail designers, nail designers, porcelain craftsmen and others who are properly trained and trained can do the application of false nails. They can also be applied at home, by yourself.

Who can use false nails?

False nails are recommended primarily for people who have lost their nails or who had to remove them for health reasons. However, they are almost always used for aesthetic purposes? but then they can only be applied when the natural nails are totally healthy. In all cases, it is important to consult a dermatologist prior to application. Using false nails to conceal imperfections or diseases will only make the problem worse, as the natural nails can not be treated properly.

Contraindications for fingernails

Applying false nails to natural nails can lead to diseases bacterial or fungal infections caused by the nail suffocation.

Poor application can also harm the health of the natural nails, as well as causing pain and discomfort.

This is even more common in cases of people who often have artificial nails for a long time.Pregnant women and people with diabetes and allergies are generally encouraged not to use false nails because any problems caused by poor nail application, for example, can lead to even more serious complications for these people. poses require care and attention. It is not possible to use any type of glue because some contain highly toxic chemicals that can cause very serious nail problems.

This care is necessary because of the composition of the glues used to fix the false nails. All glue contains epoxy, an extremely corrosive substance that may cause temporary traumas to natural nails. Therefore, the application of artificial nails should be sporadic and temporary. The use of these glues creates a very small space between the natural nails and the false nails, but sufficient to form the environment conducive to the appearance of fungi: wet and with a focus of dirt.

Among other problems that may arise with the application of the nails are changes in the nail bed (that is the part underneath the nails), desquamations, changes of color of the nails and the appearance of allergies? mainly because of the glue.

Is the constant application of false nails harmful to the health of the original nails?

The answer is yes. The clogging caused by the use of false nails on the natural nails causes moisture and the glue used for fixation can cause changes in the nail plate. The type of nail applied, the method used in the application and the professional that is applying should also be taken into account, but the ideal is always to pause between the days of use to ensure the health of the natural nails. It's okay for anyone wanting to change their fingernails. It is important to wait a few days, to pass a strengthening base and to use some cream to moisturize the skin around the natural nails.

Tips to leave the nails always beautiful

To keep your false nails always beautiful, it is important to maintenance every 15 or 20 days. Also, it is important to avoid putting your fingernails to the mouth, typing on the keyboard or even opening cans of soda, for example. This will help keep your nails freshly applied.

For those who have just applied, some care is also needed. One of the main tips is to wait at least an hour to put your hand under the water, to allow time to ensure the glue is fixed to the nails. In addition, it is normal to feel pressure on the nail in the first few hours of use, but the discomfort usually goes away quickly.

Lastly, be sure to always walk around with a fringe in your bag if your nails peel off at a party, for example.

Is there any special care if I want to use nail polish?

No, the nail polish process is exactly the same as for natural nails, so the care taken should be the same.

Dark colored enamels , because they contain a strong pigmentation, can stain both the natural nails and the nails, so it is very important to always use a colorless base before painting the nails with a stronger color.

Always remember to apply

Advantages and disadvantages of false nails

Check the main advantages and disadvantages of using the false nail:


Aesthetics and ease: false nails can hide almost any er imperfection in the natural nails, leaving the appearance of nails more beautiful. Since they do not have the same ripples as natural nails, artificial nails need not be polished or polished before applying nail polish. In addition, false nails are also a great "blank canvas" for nail art - the nail design

Practicality: Fingernails do not require you to smear, polish or ever cut. The enamels also usually last longer on the artificial nails than on the natural nails

Protection for natural nails: Although they may pose a health risk, false nails can also protect weak nails, which are more likely to break or crack. If they are covered with quality false nails, properly applied and according to hygienic procedures, natural nails can recover quickly, without the person having to worry about the health of their hands.

  • Disadvantages
  • Health: If placed improperly or with tools and unhygienic adhesives, the false nails can infect and endanger the health of nails and the nail bed. In addition, fungal infections that develop in the space between artificial and true nails can often go unnoticed and can lead to serious health complications, depending on the case. Poorly placed false nails can also prevent the growth of nails and thus damage the nail bed - especially if used for a long time.
  • Decreased dexterity: False fingernails can cause discomfort to the wearer for the first time. This is because when you are going to reach an object, for example, it is usually the false nails that arrive first - which can cause a strange sensation to those who are not yet accustomed to it, since it is the fingertips that they are accustomed to with the touch. Over time, this problem tends to decrease, but in general, the longer the nail is in length, the harder it will be to perform daily tasks.

How to remove the false nails?

  • remove the false nails so as not to damage the natural nails. To remove them, you first have to cut your fingernails with a nail clipper. Then apply a little petroleum jelly on the skin around the nails and also on the cuticles. This helps to prevent the skin from getting irritated due to the use of a nail polish remover.
  • Next, take cotton pieces, soak them with nail polish remover and apply them on nails. On top of each piece, place a strip of foil over it and wrap it tightly.

Wait for approximately 20 minutes, enough so that the glue of the stubborn nail melts completely. After this time, remove foil and cotton. The false nail will also come out easily. Then lightly sand the remaining natural nails with a polisher, modeling them with the nail file. Lastly, the ideal is to pass a strengthening base of nails and a cream or hydrant oil for the hands. And if the nail falls,

If the nail falls, wipe it well before applying it again to avoid infection. Do not forget to polish and repeat the sanding process before gluing as well. It is possible to reuse the false nails as long as the artificial nail is properly cleaned and polished.

How to apply the false nails at home

Do not have time to go to the salon? Do not worry, it is perfectly possible to apply fake fingernails at home. See step-by-step:


Have in hand: nail file, a specific glue for false nails and, of course, false fingernails;


Before applying, make sure your natural nails are clean and dry. The oiliness or residue of other products on the nails can decrease the adhesion of the glue;

3. Always opt for false nails that have the shape similar to your fingernails. This will ensure a more natural appearance;

4. If the nails are too long, cut them with their own pliers so that they do not crack, then sand the ends;

5. Apply one little glue (only one drop) on the bottom of the nail. Then slide it from the tip of the nail to the edge of the cuticle. Apply light pressure to the nail. If an air bubble forms, remove the nail and repeat the procedure. Ready!

How to ensure that the nails are firm in the hands? Above all, one should be very careful when applying. In order for the nails to stick firmly in their hands, care must be taken to prevent air bubbles from forming between the artificial nail and the true nail.

Another important factor in ensuring good nail fixing is the amount of glue used. You should not put too much or too little glue, but enough so that the nail is firm for as long as you wish. Sources

Dermatologist Natalia Cymrot (CRM-SP 84.332), master's degree in dermatology from the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo

Nail designer Sheila Lima, from the Cosmopolish Nail Bar

Training Coordinator Conceição Pimentel, from Esmalteria Nacional.Nail designer Sheila Lima from the Cosmopolish Nail Bar

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