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Fist in the 5th metatarsal: experts explain Neymar's injury

Fist in the 5th metatarsal: experts explain Neymar's injury

Brazilian team 10, Neymar fractured the fifth metatarsal of his right foot during a football match and will undergo surgery to treat the injury.

The operation will be carried out in Brazil by the doctor of the National Team, Rodrigo Lasmar. With the operation, Neymar hopes to achieve full recovery of his physical problem, which would require about two months without acting.

Neymar fissures the 5th metatarsal of the right foot - Photo: Reproduction

To better understand the injury, we interviewed Dr. Alessandra Masi, specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology by the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology and the Dr. Ricardo Munir Nahas , doctor specialized in Sports Medicine (SBMEE-AMB) and Orthopedics and Traumatology (SBOT).


Popularly touted in the media as a fissure, Neymar's injury is treated in trauma as a fracture. "The term" fissure "is not used in traumatology, the patients use it referring to a fracture in which the parts did not leave the place, that is, it broke (fractured), but the bone was in the same format. Dr. Ricardo Nahas points out.

Fracture is common, common in sprains and is usually treated with a conservative method of immobilization and immobilization of the site. In Neymar's case, everyone thought that it would be a simple sprain at first, mainly because the initial exams did not show anything binding. But due to the exacerbated pain, it was evidenced that the torsion passed through the ligaments and the bone was pulled by a tendon, leading to the fracture.

"Analyzing the video, at the exact moment the torsion occurs, the fracture occurs at the base of the fifth metatarsus.In this place, a tendon is inserted, which at the moment of the sprain ends up tractioning the bony part, causing a fracture by traction.If it has not broken, the diagnosis results in an incomplete fracture (popularly called a fissure). " explains Alessandra Masi.

See the time when Neymar twists the ankle

Surgery x Conservative treatment

Most metatarsal fractures are treated without surgery. However, certain situations may require surgery. "It depends on the severity of the fracture, whether it is complete or incomplete, whether or not it has a deviation, because if it does, it can happen that it does not consolidate. If the bone separates completely I see no better alternative to surgery because you put everything in place and give compression with screws themselves in the focus of the problem and inducing a faster healing, greatly minimizing the chance of happening again, but we are in the field of speculation, without access to exams, "says Dr. Ricardo Nahas.

The Brazilian player will undergo surgery of low aggression to place a pin in the foot. "The expected time for recovery is six weeks to go back to physical training, and there is a daily analysis to check when the athlete can re-train with a ball and then return to play normally." says Dr. Alessandra Masi.

That is, there are no worries for the World Cup, Neymar should return to the grasses in May, a month before the World Cup - Brazil's debut is on June 17.

Possible Complications

"It is a simple surgery in relation to the surgical technique, but there are risks of any surgery. Neymar will undergo an anesthetic procedure, cuts, which in itself already has its complications." explains Dr. Alessandra Masi.

Is there a way to speed up the treatment?

It is necessary to divulge the results of the MRI already performed, so that the problem can be assessed on a more realistic basis, since these ligaments are responsible for much of the ankle stability. However, opting for surgical treatment already accelerates the consolidation and healing of the fracture.

"In the case of the Neymar athlete, when choosing the surgical treatment, the return to the fields will be faster, there will be less loss of muscles, physical conditioning In general, his loss will be lower, even at the risk of the normal conditions of any surgery. " complete Dr. Alessandra.

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