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Follow this plan to win the Carnival Festivity

Follow this plan to win the Carnival Festivity

To keep the Carnival days firm, the secret lies in planning. Knowing what to eat and drink each day, you guarantee days of celebration with much more disposition and free of the hassles of the hangover. "It is a general recommendation to take a lot of fluids and make light meals without ever ceasing to eat", says nutritionist Adriana Murara, a professor at the Brazilian Postgraduate and Extension Institute.

At the request of aazsante.fr the specialist set up a special plan for those who are looking forward to the arrival of the feast days.

First day: Friday

Many people get out of work and change the party.

How should this day's diet be?

Not only on this day, but in all others, the food should be light, balanced and nutritious, that is, it must fulfill its role without digestive overload or cause any discomfort. Never stop eating. This is where the preparation begins. Some people choose to cut calories, anticipating overeating, but it is an unwise, harmful, and minimal effect such as 'saving'.

Should there be an extra supply of carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates should be present already on days Gingerbread and dream pump, therefore, are not worth as an option. Think about breads, pastas, whole-grain crackers, fruits and vegetables such as carrots and beets. And, above all, carbohydrates can not be "chopped down" for the sake of saving calories. If the goal is not to get too much out of the diet, it is the fats and alcohol that should be consumed in moderation. In addition to providing the energy needed for the party, dinner also mitigates the damaging effects of alcoholic beverages on a fasting organism.Favor light dishes, no frying, fats and creams.Full Salad, with raw and cooked leaves and vegetables, including a source of protein (chicken, cheese, turkey, egg or tuna, for example) and a carbohydrate (croutons, mango, boiled carrot, potato)

The habit is maintained, as long as it is appropriate, but once the revelry is started, all rehydrating water and liquid are very welcome.


Second day: Saturday

Recovery after skipping and drinking on Day 1

Should there be any special care with hydration?

Too much liquid will be needed from here. If possible, coconut water, one of the best rehydrating. Drink throughout the day for the body to enjoy well, and do not lose everything through the urine. If the consumption of alcoholic beverages has occurred, more attention is still given. The more liquid, the better the recovery for the next night. One tip is to note the tint of urine, which should be clear, almost transparent. If this does not happen, the body needs (lots) of water.

Should the food be lighter than usual?

It all depends on the intensity of the revelry. If it is something that the individual is already habituated (the heads), the normal food is maintained, without excesses. Against the hangover, too much liquid, light soups and fruit juices throughout the day. If the party was intense, then there is the care of recovery from damage and preparation for the second night: eating easily digestible food several times a day. Choose fruits like banana, mango, watermelon. Resting after a meal is also very important, to facilitate the work of the body (tired) in your arduous digestive work.

Are the energies any further?

Perception is very individual. Beware of stimulant-rich formulas that are not well tolerated by all and can not always be accompanied by alcohol. A good mate melted with fruit juice has a good energetic and revitalizing role.

And what needs to be avoided?

Avoid fatty foods, sweets, difficult-to-digest foods (meat in excess, feijoada) and alcoholic beverages during the day.

Third day: Sunday

Another day of drinking and revelry

How should Sunday's food be?

The tips already given for the Saturday, but extra reinforcement in liquids, fruits and light dishes: fish, chicken, egg omelette with vegetables, pasta with tomato sauce, sandwich with tuna and leaves, complete salads. It is forbidden to go without eating, but it is also not worth eating in excess.

Is hydration to remain neat?

More and more.

Lean, low in fat: skinless poultry, tuna, egg white, lean beef and cheeses.

What type of protein should be preferred? Excess protein increases the water needs in the body (which already has increased hydration needs).


Fourth day: Monday

What to eat to hold the chop?

Keep the proposed one in previous days. If you want, you can increase the menu with nutritious shakes diluted in skim milk. Is the coca cola a substitute for alcohol?

In order to mix with alcohol, nothing better than water has been invented. However, soda sugar can help maintain blood glucose, which is always helpful. Isotonic drinks are also great, because they have sugar, rehydrate, have no gas and are delicious. Fruit juices are also great choices.

What meal should be more neat: lunch?

No need to be privileged. Even the contrary idea: make all meals small and light. But eat five to six times a day.

What foods fight nausea?

Fruits, especially citrus fruits.

Fifth day: Tuesday

It's the last day, a lot of people work on the fourth.

How to enjoy the last day and Can I get back on the fourth?

Eat pasta and breads, mainly in addition to fruits and vegetables in abundance. Drink plenty of liquids and, if possible, run out of alcohol tonight.

In between distillates and fermented, what do you prefer?

It is not exclusively the form of production of the alcoholic beverage that has to be taken into account, or alcohol concentration. Thus, for example, whiskey or vodka mixed with soda may have lower alcohol content than a beer or wine. The care goes through drinking water throughout the night, and not staying fast.

Any tips for the end of the party, coming home?

A boldo tea always helps the liver, organ in charge of the hangover sensation . One can leave it chilling and beat with mint leaves, or lemon juice. Incidentally, lemon is welcome in all drinks of the period: rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and helps to combat the ailments caused by foliage. Still: orange, acerola, kiwi, mango and tomato. Eat a chestnut from Pará each day. Rich in selenium, another great antioxidant, it protects the body from excess.

Sixth day: Wednesday

Is the day of recovery

Is the kennel really good?

It's good to be light and easy. nutritious Any meal that meets these requirements will be beneficial to the ex-folio.


that helps you have energy to work?

Carbohydrates, again. Pasta, breads and toast, cooked potatoes or puree, lean meats to accompany and salads.

Is coffee a good choice?

No. Despite the stimulating action, the body in recovery is asking for a rest from the stimuli in general. Drink plenty of cold water What should be avoided on this day?

Alcohol, in addition to fatty foods and those that ferment (cabbage, egg and beans).

And what can not be forgotten?

Again: water, juices, isotonic, coconut water, all that is possible to eliminate waste from the revelry. How should your meals be, in general?

You turn to the habit of everyday life. If your stomach is complaining, try shakes with skim milk, light soups, fruit salad.

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