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Football: five lessons of life that work for life

Football: five lessons of life that work for life

We need to admit that football can bring valuable lessons that go beyond sports and are reflected in the career and in personal relationships. Training, united team, focus and motivation are just a few attributes for a champion team. Off the pitch is no different. In life, to achieve any goal, you need the least strategy.

Focus on the throw!

Concentration can be listed as the first of the lessons that the sport brings. Before competing in a major competition, coaching staff and players are "concentrated" in an area without "worldly" pleasures nearby. Contrary to Dunga's recent assertion that "not everyone likes sex, drinking wine or ice cream," spending days and days without fun is an arduous task for those with blood in their veins. Concentration, however, is a form of collective therapy that aims to balance the players' emotional state, distracting them from distractions, and helping them focus on a single goal: victory.

In everyday life, especially at work , being focused is critical to avoiding mistakes and having to redo the tasks. But working all day in front of the computer, this becomes a mission for the stars, because the Internet offers us tempting distractions, to envy Vagner Love, Brazilian striker known for the getaways in the concentrations.

Meanwhile, Neném Prancha, known as the philosopher of the ball, is the owner of the maxim that brings a counterpoint to his opponent, to the rigidity of the concentrations: "if concentration won game, the team of the penitentiary would be unbeaten champion". In practical life, living in an isolation similar to the concentration of players makes you not enjoy the pleasures, prioritizing only the work.

Why not try Pomodoro Technique, Italian writer Francesco Cirillo's tactic to avoid distractions that both delay our game of everyday life? It consists of the following: When you have a task that requires dedication, start doing it and set an alarm clock (hence the name "pomodoro", inspired by the popular kitchen timer format) in 25 minutes. Until the alarm goes off, you must give it all to yourself, with the reward of being able to rest for five minutes when the alarm goes off.

Team united

According to psychologist Andréa Garcia, one of the biggest lessons that sports we must always think of each other. "We are not alone and we should not act in an individualistic way, in short, we have to have the team spirit," she says. A champion team is not just made of 10 shirts, each has its own function and individual geniuses can not sustain themselves if the team is not in tune. For business manager Alcides Beé, one of the lessons of football for the good professional is: "When a team work is well conducted the results are always the best", he points out.

That is, outside the fields, the duo tactical scheme and networking only brings good results. Just as in football, where individualism does not exclude solidarity, those who do not know how to pass on knowledge to each other and do not care about the influence of their work on the final results end up collaborating to a defeat of laundering. An example of a team organization is "total football", known as "Dutch cars". In it, players leave their original playing positions and are replaced by others. In this system, no one has a fixed game position, which can contribute to strengthen the team, as it becomes more difficult to score - as in the case of the Netherlands, which came, with this scheme, to two World Cup finals followed in 1974 and 1978.

In addition, on the side of the passionate fan, we see that many enter the field, because they are infected by the team spirit. "He is the judge, coach, coach, player, in fact, he tries many roles in just 90 minutes", says psychologist Andrea.

No player can be bigger than the game, arm of the other and without knowing the work as a whole, something almost natural: it is impossible to be happy alone, as the chorus of Tom Jobim preaches. "A lot of people in the work environment are working in a group rather than a team, where the work is individual and everyone cares to do only their task and that's it," explains the psychologist.

A group is just a set of people with common goals who, in general, come together by affinity. The family also reflects this situation. There are families where members actually help and support each other.

Goal hunger

The word gol comes from the English word goal, which also means goal. Knowing where you want to go and how you are going to get you to know your goal thoroughly, draw the possible consequences and the difficulties you will face. This strategy ends up offering a reason to make a commitment to your own success, because no one really commits to what they do not know after all. Without that, it is very unlikely that someone will get what they want. Not forgetting obstacles is a fundamental part of victory. However, a coherent strategy to overcome them involves efforts. Company manager Alcides Beé adds another important lesson for working life: "The obstacles will only be strong if our preparation has been weak."

The man-goal effect

If on the one hand the team spirit it is fundamental to victory, nothing happens without talent; no matter the function exercised, individual creativity is fundamental. It is no use knowing the importance of passing the ball, it is necessary to do it in a correct way - and to get, at one time or another, a disconcerting dribble of impact, capable of leaving the opponent defender on the ground.
Former player Zico , idol of the Brazilian fans and current director of Flamengo, gives a lesson of talent without entering the wave of the star. He played in a small team in Italy, Udinese, where, being a great player, he was received as king. Nevertheless, he did not make himself the savior of the country, although his performance was very important for the club to win the runner-up in Serie A of the 1983/84 season.
In the game of life, strength and skills are fundamental, but there is no standard, since each has its potential. In addition, a player is one who is not limited to the basics. In professional life, each person has a specific talent that contributes to teamwork.
So you have to find out what your strength is, invest in it, and see what is missing, both to achieve professional goals, and to better understand yourself, find people who have to do with you, or bring a repertoire of abilities and ideas that fit yours. And it is also worth remembering that it is not enough to possess the qualities if you do not believe them, because, thus, making people see them will be much more difficult.
The musician Chico Buarque, an inveterate Fluminense, sings in music O Futebol: "Painting is more fundamental than a goal kick." In other words: it is worth emphasizing the importance of showing the qualities, to communicate the potential, something highly valued in the work environment. But it's not worth confusing this class move and falling into the squeeze - it makes you miss the move and sometimes the match.

Hold your heart!

Passion is almost central to the behavior of fanatical fans, who can also bring a lesson to life. "It is clear that if your team loses you are not satisfied, but it is good to remember that during those 90 minutes of the match you twisted, vibrated and placed your trust in him," as Marcelo Sadio says, author of the book "Infinite Love, the feeling can not stop", of photos that portray the love of the fan of the Vasco by his team of the heart. The photographer concludes: "The lesson I draw from this is that we should be more passionate about what we do and our own life itself, for that is what drives the good results and our own belief in life."

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