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Four habits that help decrease acne in the adult woman

Four habits that help decrease acne in the adult woman

Women between the ages of 25 and 35 with excessive oiliness and inflammatory acne that worsens near menstruation. Acne of the Adult Woman has become an increasingly frequent problem in the office. This is due to a higher production of male hormones in this age group. But even women with normal levels of androgens may develop acne because of an increased sensitivity of these hormone receptors to the skin at some point in life. Understanding how this process works may be the best way to master the problem, and prevent it from further damage.

Four factors are involved:

1- Sebo:

Elevated levels of male hormones, or increased sensitivity of the receptors of these hormones, stimulate the glands to produce higher concentrations of sebum.

2 - Follicular ducts obstruction:

The accumulation of dead cells (hyperkeratinization), combined with sebum, forms a corneal stopper, causing the comedones, known as "blackheads."

3- Bacteria:

We all have the P. acnes bacteria on our skin. However, in the clogged glands and with excess sebum, they proliferate with greater facilities. P. acnes modifies the composition of the sebum, making it irritating to the follicle wall.


Modified sebum causes inflammation. There is a formation of pus, forming "pimples". The greater the inflammation, the greater the size and pain of the lesion.

As we can see, one factor is aggravating the other. How to control each?

1- Regulating sebaceous secretion:

Birth control pills and anti-androgen substances, such as Spironolactone and Cyproterone Acetate, help prevent male hormones from activating the gland receptors. Assets applied directly to the skin also control oiliness. Among them, zinc, alpha-hydroxyacids, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur.

2 - Reducing obstruction of pilo-sebaceous follicles:

Regular exfoliation of the skin helps remove dead cells. Soaps based on salicylic acid reduce the formation of comedoes, and topical retinoids control the multiplication of cells of the stratum corneum.

3- Reducing bacterial proliferation:

Benzoyl Peroxide-based products increase the concentration of oxygen in the skin, and suffocate the P. Acnes, which needs a anaerobic medium to multiply. Topical antibiotics may also be used. A novelty is blue light emitting equipment, capable of reducing the population of P. acnes.

4 - Controlling inflammation:

Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, green tea extract, among others, act as anti-inflammatories. Oral antibiotics and spironolactone also have this property. If none of this solves the problem, you can opt for oral isotretinoin.

Some factors aggravate acne. Situations where there is increased testosterone, such as menstruation, gestation, menopause and stress. Stress also leads to an increase in cortisol, which increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. It is speculated that diets with high consumption of dairy products and meats worsen acne because of the hormones used in raising animals. From this angle, consumption of organic food would be beneficial.

Oily-based creams and makeup can clog pores, so choose oil-free products, or gel-like products. Finally, excessive sun exposure can also increase inflammation and worsen acne, as well as cause hyperchromic spots and scars

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