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Fun race with inflatable obstacles arrives in Brazil

Fun race with inflatable obstacles arrives in Brazil

Here comes an opportunity to work out and have lots of fun at the same time. This is what Insana Inflatable promises 5km - Insane Racing, a test that is already a fever in the United States, Canada and many other countries, and now arrives in Brazil with dates scheduled for the end of this year in nine different states. The course involves 5km of running with 10 inflatable obstacles, very fun, for the whole family to enjoy together. Entertainment is the focus of the Insane Racing, so much so that it will not be time-honored, as it happens in the regular races.

"We do not just put together a few slides and jump-jumps. to the best manufacturers of personalized inflatables and we asked them to break all the rules ", say the organizers of the race.

insane race - Photo: Divulgação

To participate, you must pay the registration, which costs R $ 89 , 90 plus the additional rates that can be variable. Check out the event website. Entry to the venue to watch the game is free. Check out the next dates:

Goiânia - GO / Autodromo Ayrton Senna / 08/19/2017

Belo Horizonte - MG / Estádio do Mineirão / 08/26/2017

Blumenau - SC / UNIASSELVI Campus I / 03 / 09/2017

Ribeirão Preto - SP / Centro Universitário Moura Lacerda / 09/09/2017

Sorocaba - SP / Technological Park / 09/17/2017

São Paulo - SP (extra data) / Autodrome of Interlagos / 09/09/2017

São Paulo - SP / Autodromo de Interlagos / 09/24/2017

Brasília - DF / Mané Garrincha Stadium / 10/01/2017

Campinas - SP / Ecological Park / 09/10/2017

Uberlândia - MG / Sabiá Park Complex / 12/10/2017

Juiz de Fora - MG / Municipal Stadium Radialista Mário Helênio / 10/15/2017

Rio de Janeiro - - RS / Avenida Beira Rio / 11/11/2017

Foz do Iguaçu - PR / A to be defined / 19/1 Joinville - SC / A to set / 10/12/2017

Vitoria - ES / A to be defined / 12/17/2017

insane race - Photo: Disclosure

Yoga: learn about the history and the existing types

Yoga: learn about the history and the existing types

The word Yoga in this spelling comes from Sanskrit, a language spoken by a people living in northern India, around a thousand years before Christ. In that language all the words ending in A are masculine or neutral, and for this reason many people treat the yoga of "lord" as well as the asanas (postures) or pranayamas (control of the breath).


Common injuries to the knees of those who run

Common injuries to the knees of those who run

With the increase in the number of runners, consequently also increase the injuries that have relations with the activity, and that are independent of the level that each one is found as there are different types that can affect from the beginner to the professional athlete. However, according to a systematic review published in Sports Medicine in 2015, novice runners may be more susceptible to injury risk when compared to recreational runners.