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Germanium helps in the prevention of cancer

Germanium helps in the prevention of cancer

Have you ever heard of germanium? No, it is not a person's name, but a chemical element. Well-known for its application in the electronics industry, many people forget that germanium is also an important nutrient for health.

Organic germanium is found in plant foods. The foods that concentrate it have the characteristic of stimulating the immunity and cicatricial processes and this property led the scientists to investigate, mainly, its action in the prevention and the treatment of the cancer

Benefits of the germanium

In these works they observed that germanium also inhibits viral multiplication, decreases the symptoms of atherosclerosis, improves diabetes, stabilizes bone metabolism, modulates the intestinal flora and even acts as an antioxidant. In addition, because it has a chemical structure that contains three oxygen atoms, it still aids in tissue oxygenation.

There is even a historical curiosity: in 1921, French physiologist and Nobel Physiology Physician Alexis Carrel admired the astonishing recovery of a young man with tuberculosis treated with water rich in germanium from the source of Lourdes in France. Since then Germanium has been used as an adjunct to the treatment of cancer, AIDS, viruses, asthma, rheumatism, lupus, autoimmune thyroiditis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, among others.

As I mentioned, germanium is a nutrient almost forgotten and, for that reason, there is still, in humans, a framework of grace described for this element. However, in animals, a diet low in germanium leads to changes in liver, bone and bone marrow.

How much do we need to consume germanium?

Even though we have not established a clinical picture of germanium deficiency, there is no an established standard for the daily nutritional dose.

A normal American adult diet is expected to provide 0.4 to 3.4 mg of germanium per day. The diet of the paulistano, however, provides very little of this nutrient, and in our years of nutrological practice we have observed that most Paulistas present nutritional insufficiency of this element.

This is because, although germanium is found in several vegetables, if these foods grow on poor soil in germanium, they will also be lacking in the element, as can happen in São Paulo.

Germanium sources

Among the plants that concentrate germanium, the best known are: Korean ginseng, emperor's mushroom

Below is a table with the concentration of germanium in 100 grams of some foods:

FoodGermanium (mg)
Bamboo shoot1.5 to 2
Aloe vera7.7
Bandai Udo (Aralia7.2
Baternut (Trapajaponica Flerov)23.9
Pearl Barley (C oxytocin semen)5
Shelf Mushroom (Trametes cinnabarina)80 to 200
Confrei (Symphytum officinale)15.2
Japanese Ginseng (Panax ginseng)26 to 32
Gromwell (Lithosemi radix? Lithospermum officinale)8.8
Bandai moss25.5
Sanzukon (Codonopsis tangshen)25.7
Boxthorn (Lycium chinense) seed12.4
Sushi (Angelica pubescens Maxim.)26.2
Wisteria (Wisteria floribunda)10,8
Chorella (Spirulina sp)7,6

An unusual source of germanium is the water of Lourdes, a small town in the French Pyrenees, famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. This water is very rich in germanium, so much so that it was she who impressed the doctor Alexis Carrel. Another source of water rich in germanium is from the Yamabuki-no-Omizo fountain in a Shinto district on the mountain north of the island of Honshu in Japan.

Natural organic germanium, obtained through food, is non-toxic. However, inorganic germanium can be toxic, so be careful, do not use Germanium compounds sold without medical advice.

Garlic, watercress, bamboo shoots, mushrooms can be ingested at will. Since the mushrooms must be ingested with care, only the known ones, after all unknown mushrooms can be poisonous. As my son says: "all mushrooms are edible, some just once?".

Mediterranean diet may provide longer longevity

Mediterranean diet may provide longer longevity

The Mediterranean diet is already known to provide more health to its fans, as it has large amounts of vegetables and fish and low amounts of animal products such as red meat and milk. A new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden also indicates that following this menu can increase the person's life.


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