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Green Banana Flour: Slim and Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Green Banana Flour: Slim and Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Green banana flour is made with the fruit that has not yet matured. But eating a green fruit does not hurt? In the case of bananas, it is full of benefits and the main one of them is the sturdy starch. Because it is digested only in the intestine, not in the stomach, it brings a number of benefits to our body, such as boosting immunity, improving digestion and even doing well to glycemic indexes.

Main nutrients of green banana flour

Banana Apple - Nutrition Composition (100 g)

NutrientsBanana Apple MatureBanana Apple Green
Calories (Kcal)121100
Total fats (g)0.48-
Carbohydrate (g)30.19Fibers (g)
2.163.63Green banana may have 55 to 93% of its content Starch in sturdy form, a much healthier form of carbohydrate for the body and responsible for most of its health benefits, being digested only in the small intestine and not converting into glucose that will be released into the bloodstream. In addition, it has less sucrose, a type of natural fruit sugar.

In addition, green bananas have fewer calories and carbohydrates, as you can see in the table above, which helps reverse weight gain. And it has zero fats, which allows the inclusion of other foods with good fats in the meal. To complete, it has more fibers than the banana also ripens, which also improves intestinal transit.

The flour retains the main nutrients of the green banana, but it is not known how much it conserves of the amino acid tryptophan, for

There is no official table of green banana flour, but two studies computed their nutrient content and arrived at the same composition:

Green banana flour Carbohydrate

22 g

0.66 gFats
2.66 gPhosphorus
57 mgCalcium
47.1 mgMagnesium
9.24 mgIron
0.92 mgManganese
0,04 mgSource: Study Characterization of green banana flour. Ciênc. Tecnol. Food. vol. 29 no.2 Campinas April / June 2009; Study Chemical composition of mixtures of green banana flour with brazil nuts. Rev. Inst. Adolfo Lutz, 69 (3): 396-402, jul.-set. 2010 - Adapted for a portion of 30 grams
In addition to sturdy starch, one of the advantages of green banana flour is its fiber. The recommended daily intake of this nutrient is 25 grams. Two tablespoons of green banana flour (or 30 grams), the recommended daily amount, contains 2.66 grams of fiber, or 10 percent of what you need to consume in the day.See what percent of Daily Value * of some nutrients the portion of this flour brings:
10% fiber8% phosphorus

7% carbohydrate

6% iron

5% calcium

  • 3% Green banana
  • 2% manganese
  • 1% protein
  • Benefits of green banana flour
  • Banan green - Photo: Getty Images
  • Help weight loss
  • The green banana and its flour are rich in such starch resistant, and it is precisely this compound that helps to control hunger. This is because they slow down the digestion process because their crystalline structure makes their digestibility more difficult. That way, it stays longer through the stomach, improving satiety and reducing the consumption of food in the following meals. What helps to reduce that hunger that appears out of time, aiding the slimming.
  • Reduces insulin production

This is the hormone that puts sugar into cells. Therefore, the more glucose is released in the digestion made stomach, the greater the production of that substance in the body. But sturdy starch has a function similar to that of fibers, holding up the absorption of that nutrient, and avoiding glycemic peaks. Therefore, it is considered a low glycemic index food.

But why is it good to reduce insulin production? The problem is that when it starts to get high in the body constantly, some organs begin to become tolerant to it, being more and more necessary to fulfill the same function, generating the picture of insulin resistance, if not combat, it can progress to type 2 diabetes. As if that were not enough, the simple presence of insulin in high amounts in our body causes us to deposit the fat in the adipose tissue, that is, to increase the "fat mass."

intestine Sturdy starch also has similarities with fibers in that aspect, it is not digested in the stomach, only in the small intestine. Thus, it acts in the fermentative process in the colon, through the action of the probiotic bacteria of the intestinal microbiota (intestinal flora). In the final balance, this helps the development of these good bacteria, to the detriment of the microorganisms present in the intestine that are harmful to our health. As a result, we have a better absorption of nutrients, which gives the body everything it needs to function properly.

Prevents colds This positive effect on the intestine also improves intestinal transit, which is accentuated by the presence

Enhances immunity

About 60% of the immunoglobulins, our body's defense cells, are produced in the gut. So when the organ is working well, our body gets more protected. In addition, studies show that consumption of green banana flour can lead to the production of short chain fatty acids in the intestine. When they are missing, it becomes easier for the harmful bacteria in the intestinal microbiota to move into the bloodstream, increasing the chance of infections by the body. Decreases cholesterol

Just as glucose takes longer to be sent to the bloodstream, so does cholesterol. In addition, those short chain fatty acids are responsible for reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. The result is that there is a reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol). Whoever wins with this is our health, since excess LDL can lead to the accumulation of fat plaques in the body's arteries, clogging them, a condition called atherosclerosis. This increases the chances of a heart attack or stroke if the blockage occurs near the heart or brain. Recommended amount of green banana flour

Experts indicate the intake of up to two tablespoons a day of flour, which is equivalent to 30 grams of the food. How to consume green banana flour

The ideal is to consume this flour with other foods. Compare Green Banana Flour with Other Foods

Most functional flours do not contain an official nutritional table, so it can be mixed with juices, vitamins and soups, consumed with fruit, or integrate cake and cakes.

so it is not possible to compare green banana flour with them. However, the nutrient amounts of this food can be compared to other types:

Green banana is the food with more resistant starch. To make a comparison, a spoonful of cooked pea rice (equivalent to 60 grams) has 1.2 grams of that nutrient, while 30 g of green nanica banana flour has 7 g of starch, that is, almost 6 times as much. A slice of 30 g of whole-grain bread, on the other hand, has 0.37 g of starch resistant, that is, the flour has almost 18 times more of that nutrient.When we talk about fiber, the green banana flour has a number equivalent to a few grains. 30 grams of this item have 2.66 g of fibers, against 2.73 g present in 30 g of oats. Therefore, this is a good way to ally this component to the diet.


There is no contraindication to the consumption of this flour, unless allergy to any component of the banana is found.


  • Flour Green banana is a carbohydrate source food, so in excess can lead to excess weight and fat accumulation. In addition, excess fiber and sturdy starch can lead to constipation.
  • Where to Find

Green banana flour can be found in supermarkets, natural food stores or even bought at virtual stores.

How to Make Green Banana Flour

Because ready-made flours can contain preservatives and dyes, it can also be made at home. Usually banana silver is the most recommended for the preparation of flour, but other types of banana can be used.

Vegetable pie recipe with green banana flour helps to lose weight

To do, first scald the bananas green in boiling water for two minutes, with peel and all. Take out the water, peel it, dispense the peel and cut the banana into strips. Place these strips in a non-stick shape, arranged side by side. Bake and roast until sturdiness, hardened, brittle and frying in hand, but without looking burnt. Beat everything in the blender and then pass through a fine sieve.

Recipes with Green Banana Flour

Cake with Green Banana Flour - Photo: Getty Images

After you get the flour do not know what to do with it? Our nutritionists have suggested delicious recipes with food for you.

Green Banana Flour Cake

Green Banana Flour Muffin with Cocoa

Functional Juice with Green Banana Flour

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