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"Anxiety constantly deprives me": young man reports on the problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Brazil has the highest rate of people with anxiety disorders in the world, about 18.6 million Brazilians ( 9.3%) suffers from the problem. Around the world, there are 264 million people suffering from anxiety disorders, an average of 3.6%.

Anxiety can arise subtly, such as handing over a job, the first meeting or a job interview, but when anxiety is no longer temporary and begins to negatively impact a person's life, attention is needed.

Anxiety disorders are diseases related to the functioning of the body and to life experiences, which can cause distress, anguish, insecurity, environmental strangeness or of oneself, among others. However, the disease continues to be treated insignificantly by society.

For this reason, a woman decided to use social networks to vent her condition in a sincere and exciting way. The text posted on Facebook has already had more than 40,000 sharing.

"Wait a long time for something, keep an eye on the cell phone to see if the person you like respond, count the minutes for class time or work to end ... None of this is to be anxious Some people may think it is but not Anxiety is not cool, anxiety is not a reason for pride, anxiety should not be romanticized.

My anxiety hurts in the mind, it hurts in my body, it does not let me breathe. I lose control of my feelings and everything seems to be chaos ... Anxiety makes me get ready all day for something bad to happen, because somehow I feel that something bad will happen.Anxiety comes with a tightness in the chest, it creates a lump in the throat, it causes me to vomit, and my whole body hurts.Anxiety dries my mouth, makes me tremble and my body tingle.It makes me prone to any can cry, and it is if I cry I'm uncontrollable.

Anxiety constantly deprives me, makes me cancel things that I ticked on the hour, things I wanted to do, things that I want to be able to do, but sometimes I can only be alone. Anxiety makes me apologize too much, it makes me feel a nuisance. And it is common to agonize days and days thinking if I said something that should not, makes me can not ask for help because I think my pain is not valid. Anxiety keeps me up all night, and having nightmares when I finally sleep, wake up with a broken heart, unable to breathe. It's not cool to have. Anxiety makes me think too much, rationalize too much ... I'm always measuring words, thinking too much before I act.

It makes me look dramatic, crazy, to those who do not. People can not understand what is happening inside me. It makes me lie every time someone asks if everything is okay. Even when my mind is killing me, I say it's all good because I do not want to have to explain that I have no control over it, not yet. Anxiety stresses every muscle in my body while dealing with internal issues and I try to keep my face cool for anyone to notice. It makes me feel every second that someone is upset about something I did or said. The weight of everything is doubled and I feel like I need to take care of everyone, but I do not let anyone take care of me.

I do not want to hear that I am being ridiculous or exaggerated. I just want you to understand that my qualities are above anxiety, that it does not determine who I am. If you also fight against anxiety, know that you are not alone. Some days are hard even, but one hour the quiet will come for each one. And for those who do not, but know someone who has, who knows me, respect that person, respect me, do not judge us. In the end, we are all trying to survive ourselves and this world, but some people have bigger battles than the others. Be gentle, you do not know what the other is going through. "

A partner's scent reduces stress in women, says study

A partner's scent reduces stress in women, says study

A study done by the University of British Columbia in Canada, has shown that the companion's scent, even in a garment, is able to lower the level of cortisol, a stress-related hormone in the female organism. the companion shirt or sleep on the partner's side of the bed when he is away, but they do not realize why they do it.


Good-humored men provide the best orgasms, study says. Researchers have discovered that funny and creative faces are the ones who give the best orgasms to their partners.

Good-humored men provide the best orgasms, study says. Researchers have discovered that funny and creative faces are the ones who give the best orgasms to their partners.

The researchers excluded women who were in a serious relationship from the analysis because they might feel compelled to evaluate their partner in a more positive than reality. According to the results, humorous men are those who most promote women orgasms. Also, feeling physical attraction was one factors that increased the reach of orgasms.