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Hemorrhoids: 8 ways to reduce discomfort every day

Hemorrhoids: 8 ways to reduce discomfort every day

Caused by swelling and inflammation of the lower rectal or anus veins, hemorrhoids are a disease that needs attention. These swollen, inflamed, and painful veins may arise inside the anus and the initial part of the rectum, as well as in the anal opening, projecting out of the anus - and becoming palpable. Contrary to what many people think, hemorrhoids is not a disease exclusive to women.

Dilation of the veins can cause symptoms like pain during or after bowel movements, bleeding, anal itching, formation of sensitive hardened nodules near the anus, and swelling around the area. a benign disease whose treatment aims to improve symptoms, in some cases hemorrhoids cause massive bleeding, which can even lead to anemia, leading to the need for hospital admission.

It is always recommended to seek a doctor when there is bleeding during or after bowel movements, acute pain or other symptoms that may indicate the presence of hemorrhoids. Thus, it is possible to make the proper diagnosis and treat the disease in the way indicated for each case.

But some measures, such as changing food to facilitate intestinal transit, using specific hemorrhoid ointments and choosing the most appropriate clothing, may help to alleviate the symptoms and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. In addition, such care also helps prevent disease progression, which may bring about the need for surgery, for example.

Check out what you can do to lessen the discomforts and progression of hemorrhoids:

Take good care of yourself of anal hygiene

Taking care of anal hygiene helps prevent the appearance of infections in the region, which is naturally subject to contamination. As the fissures and eczemas caused by hemorrhoids make the microorganisms fall more easily into the bloodstream, it is important to keep the area always clean.

It is important to note that the use of toilet paper is not indicated in cases hemorrhoids with external component. Anal hygiene should always be done with water and soap.

Use indicated ointments for hemorrhoids

The use of specific ointments for hemorrhoids considerably reduces discomfort. This type of medicine has components that act to combat pain with anesthetic and drying effect.

This is the case of Proctan ointment, which helps reduce inflammation and, because it contains lidocaine, relieves the burning, itching and pain caused by hemorrhoids.

Proctan can be applied to the affected area two to three times a day. When symptoms subside, the frequency can be changed to one application per day for two to three days or at the discretion of the consulted physician.

Persons who are hypersensitive to formula components should not use these products. The use is also not indicated in the case of children, pregnant women and women in the breastfeeding period.

Walking through the working day

When working sitting for a long time, body weight remains concentrated hours on the hip, which hinders the circulation of blood in the region of the anus, increasing the risk of dilatation of the local veins. Therefore, it is advised that people should take a few minutes of the day to walk through the workout, thus improving circulation and helping to prevent the onset or worsening of hemorrhoids.

Do not hold the urge to evacuate

When we hold long the urge to go to the bathroom, the intestine ends up absorbing a lot of water from the stored stool causing them to harden, which makes it difficult to eliminate.With this, the effort to eliminate the stool ends up being larger, which contributes to the dilation of the veins, increasing the risk of hemorrhoids and trauma and anal wounds.

Caring for food

For prevention and treatment A fiber-rich diet with an intake of about 25 to 30 grams per day is indicated. Vegetables, vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals and wheat germ are indicated foods. In addition, it is necessary to drink about two liters of water per day.

Increased intake of fiber and water promotes softening of the stool, which reduces intestinal transit time and the need for effort to evacuate, helping to minimize hemorrhoid symptoms. It is also ideal to suspend consumption of alcohol and pepper, which irritate the intestinal mucosa, making the disease worse.

Choosing your underwear

To minimize the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, it is important to wear comfortable, which do not cause friction with the affected region and allow good circulation. Synthetic undergarments retain moisture in the anal region, contributing to the worsening of hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is important to wear cotton undergarments that help keep the area dry and airy.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking increases the risk of vein dilation, as smoking causes contraction of blood vessels. When combined with excessive exertion to evacuate, smoking increases the incidence of hemorrhoids.


Seating baths made with warm water for 10 to 15 minutes help to clean the room and relieve discomfort hemorrhoids. Invest in them to feel better throughout the day.

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