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Here's how to balance the use of shakes with food

Here's how to balance the use of shakes with food

Going to meal replacement shakes is not new in the world of dieting. But according to nutrologist Roberto Navarro, a member of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology (ABRAN), if the shakes have an adequate nutritional composition, they can be adopted as a weight loss strategy . "A meal is usually 500 calories, if you eat a whole plate, and the shake of a suitable brand will have the same nutrients, but with a smaller number of calories," says the expert. simply replace meals. "The most important thing about this diet is not the meal replaced by the shake, but what the person eats in the other meals, which need to be balanced," he says.

How to balance the diet with shakes?

There are two problems in not balancing the rest of the day's food with the shakes. The first is if a feed balancing is not done in other periods. "If you eat the wrong thing throughout the day, the shake alone will not help you lose weight," says Navarro.

The second, much more common, is when a person consumes far fewer calories than he should at another meal. "If you spend more energy than you consume and do not have the right nutrients, you get weak and without fuel, which causes low glucose and sickness typical of metabolic overload," says nutritionist Eliana Cristina de Almeida, a specialist in Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp).

This is because the body needs a minimum amount of calories to be able to perform its basic functions. And when that does not happen, he usually spends important reserves like muscles. So if, in addition to shakes, you do not consume enough calories in other meals, the result can be weight loss at a high cost, losing muscle instead of fat.

It is also important to remember that replacing more than one meal with a shake can be

The disadvantages of using shakes to lose weight

The problem with the shakes diet is that it can become very dull, and one can end up abandoning the method quickly.

And how to use the shakes on their own does not stimulate a dietary reeducation, when returning to the previous routine, the weight regain is practically guaranteed. According to nutritionist Roberta Stella of the Diet and Health, after following a highly restrictive menu there is not enough time for changes in eating habits and for the body to get used to the new routine.

Why It Matters ask for help from a nutritionist or nutrology specialist before starting this type of diet (or any other). "Someone in the area can guide not only how to organize the other meals, but also analyze the chosen shake and see if it contains the recommended nutrients," says Roberto Navarro.

This is because the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency regulates how it should be nutritional composition of these shakes. According to the Brazilian Association of the Food Industry for Special and Congenial Purposes (ABIAD), Anvisa demands that a shake contain 25% to 50% protein, not exceeding 125g per day; at least 33% of the amount of vitamins determined in the legislation; and provide up to 30% of the total daily energy value through lipids, and at least 3% should be lipids derived from linoleic acid (portion of the omega-6).

Make it at home!

According to Unifesp nutritionist, homemade versions of shakes are healthier than industrialized ones. Check out a homemade shake recipe below:


150 g of curd or plain yogurt light ice cream (skimmed), which is equivalent to a small pot

1 medium slice of pineapple in pieces

  • 2 tablespoons flax seed
  • 1 tablespoon
  • How to prepare
  • Beat all the ingredients in the blender and if you prefer, drink before drinking.

Selenium supplement without a prescription can be dangerous

Selenium supplement without a prescription can be dangerous

A new research review conducted by the University of Surrey (UK) and published by the journal The Lancet shows that there is no evidence that selenium supplement intake is needed for most people. Some studies, even, relate the substance's exaggerated consumption to the development of type 2 diabetes.


Vitamin-rich food improves circulation

Vitamin-rich food improves circulation

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