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See how to be fashionable in old clothes

See how to be fashionable in old clothes

The romanticism of the 1950s gave way to a phase of more rebelliousness which has gone from politics to music. It was the beginning of feminism, Bossa Nova, the Beatles and festivals. In this period, the English model Twiggy would be the icon of beauty that instituted the thinness and miniskirt. Tailleurs with three-quarter sleeves, tubinhas and skirts also made the fashion of the 1960s. The hair was very straight and smooth, or combed with a lot of laquê.

Today the re-readings of this period appear in mini dresses, pantaloons, collars and graphics. It's easy to look modern using retro elements, even if they are just a copy of what had aesthetic value at the time.

Retro style - Photo: Getty Images

Fashion and image consultant Roberta Carlucci gives some tips for not going wrong in this type of production: "Common sense should always be taken into account, after all the clothes should not appear more than you. The ideal is to mix the vintage with more modern pieces with a touch of avant-garde, so that the look is

- Dresses with straight lines and modern details such as pockets, buttons, etc. -
- Dresses with straight lines and modern details such as pockets, buttons large and same fabric belt. Straight and short mini dresses have a certain childish touch, but they are easy to use and at the same time sophisticated.

- Flowing and long floral dresses, typical of the chic hippie wave;

The tunic itself handcrafted details, replaces tops and shirts

  • - Vintage printed motif scarves come to mind in a hippy spirit that resembles turbans

  • - Classic kitten glasses do not require an all-round look.

  • - The coke with volume (high and fat, with plenty of laquê) is finished with crochet tiaras

  • - The miniskirt, symbol of the 60s, appears full of graphics and strong colors

  • - Plastic earrings and bracelets and other accessories of synthetic materials complete the production.

  • Mastopexy: Plastic surgery corrects sagging breasts

    Mastopexy: Plastic surgery corrects sagging breasts

    Mastopexy is a surgery that aims to reverse the natural breast trim (breast ptosis), repositioning the areola and skin with sagging, raising the breasts to their position Other names Breast lift and mammoplasty are synonyms for mastopexy. Indications for mastopexy Mastopexy is indicated for women who show flaccidity and sagging of the breasts as a result of aging, How to perform mastopexy Plastic surgery - photo: Getty Images Local anesthesia with general or epidural sedation will be performed.


    Creams and lotions may contain harmful substances

    Creams and lotions may contain harmful substances

    Urea, petroleum, parabens and dyes are common ingredients in most cosmetic formulas around the world. They help fight against dryness, premature aging and other skin problems, but can be potentially hazardous to health. In contact with the skin, they can cause irritations and skin allergies and even increase the risks of serious diseases, such as cancer.