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Choose the shade to enhance the eyes without looking tacky

Choose the shade to enhance the eyes without looking tacky

It was simple to pass shade. Today, the great variety of colors and textures present in the market ends up confusing at the time of purchase. And the great ally for a perfect make-up can become an enemy when it's not properly applied.

Proper color is your primary goal for makeup, but texture and mode of application also come into play. To help you hit the check, My Life talked to two makeup professionals who offered special tricks.


The cool thing is that shadows can be combined in several ways: the most basic takes into account your tone of skin and hair. Other effects can be achieved by considering the contrast with the color of the eyes or the combination with your clothing. The makeup artist Penelope Beolchi, from Lu Molinos & Agenciados, bets on the more neutral colors, an option to never leave the visual laden with more. The shades of neutral tones adapt to the various types of beauty. White, cream, pearl, gray, brown, black, gold and silver and leave the look lighter. If the intention is to look more natural, women with honey-colored eyes, for example, may opt for the golden shade, which creates a gentle effect.

Dark hair and light skin harmonize with silver and the contrast is created with warm tones, such as gold, orange or yellow. . The brunettes get a more natural result with gold or copper and stand out with cool shades like silver or navy blue. The redheads harmonize with peach and also with copper, and get a more vibrant look with cool shades like blue and green.

Makeup artist Diogo Molinos, from the same agency, explains: Shades of bronze, gold and brown also enhance the eyes blue. In green eyes, prefer to use copper, brown, gray or shades of honey. Light brown eyes can be highlighted with more colors, such as brown, copper, silver, gray, green, blue and black. Already in the darker eyes, there are no restrictions. All colors can be used without fear of making mistakes.

Colors can also contribute to a more striking sensual look, just abuse the hottest tones, such as red and gold. The colors that make the look more sensual are the warm colors like yellow, red and orange, tones like apricot, tangerine, golden, brown with pinches of red like paprika or rust. But the basic black can also create a sensual look, either to make a fine stroke to delineate the eyes or to create the effect of the kitten.


Another tip to provide more sensual looks is to combine dark shadows with copper, gold or sparkling tones. Match the shade with the color of the clothing can be left to second option. Everything very combined leaves you with the face of a costumed doll, so the idea is only valid when good humor is intentional.


Do you know that legend that dark tones only match the night? You can forget. The makeup artist says that everything depends on the way the shade is used. There is no such separation of light shadows for the day and dark shadows for the night. Diogo Molinos can also be used for a short time, especially if the hair, skin or clothing is dark, depending on the amount of shade and the way it is applied. agree with the makeup artist If the look does not get too loaded, the darker shades can be used during the day, without any problem. The black in the corner of the eye looks great on any occasion, he says.

For day-to-day shadows are also a great choice, you just know how to control the tones and the way of application. For day-to-day, go right to the eyelashes or in the corner of the eye, but always in basic colors (such as black, white, cream tones, rosy and gray), explains the specialist. The shades of brown are also a great choice because they enhance the beauty without appearing that excess makeup.

Sharp eyes

Product quality

Regardless of the brand, the quality of the shadow directly interferes with the results. There are brands that are not the most expensive, but offer professional-grade adhesion and coverage, so as not to sin at the time of purchase, the ideal is to try the products as explained by Diogo Molinos. Test the fixture and check that the color on the package is the same as the product.

Each type of shade has a different feature. The compact ones provide greater definition and coverage. The powdered or creamy shadows give a more natural result and have a better fixation. The best is the one that has good fixation and does not fall under the eye when applied. One tip: creamy shadows are easier to apply and retouch during the day, explains the makeup artist.

Make it home

The tip of Penelope Beolchi to apply the shade at home and achieve a professional result is to apply a shade compact with a dampened brush. This guarantees a more uniform application and fixation for approximately 6 hours.

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