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Home remedy for cough: 12 options alleviate the symptom

Home remedy for cough: 12 options alleviate the symptom

Coughing is always a symptom of other health problems, but sometimes it is the last sign to go.

The definitive treatment of cough will always be according to the cause. But once medical recommendations are being followed, it is possible to resort to home cough remedies not to be the last symptom to remain.

See the cough home treatments indicated by our specialists:

1. Inhalations with eucalyptus, mint and pine

Inhalations are a great choice of home remedy for coughs, especially if they are made with the right herbs. "Eucalyptus, peppermint and pine are plants with action of elimination of light mucus and may help in some pictures of cough with catarrh in which thick secretion is difficult to be eliminated," explains the otorhinolaryngologist Eduardo Magri, of the network of hospitals São Camilo, in São Paulo.

Caution! However, care must be taken in the dosage used of essential in these procedures. "This excess can irritate the mucosa of the nose and throat rather than cause relief," says the specialist.

2. Juice of guaco with carrot

Guano medicinal herb is often indicated as a home remedy, including cough. "The guaco improves breathing and contributes to the fight against coughs, colds and flu, since it has an anti-inflammatory action", explains nutrologist Andreia Guarnieri.

Carrots are rich in antioxidants, such as beta-carotenes, which potentiate the action of guaco juice

Caution! "Guaco should be avoided by pregnant women and women with intense menstrual flow, because it is anticoagulant," says the expert. For the same reason, anyone using anticoagulants should avoid it. Even people without these contraindications should handle the food, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea when in excess.

3. Ginger tea

Ginger is a root full of properties, which is why ginger tea is often used as a home remedy, including for coughs. "This food has an antibacterial action and is a natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Tea consumption helps to hydrate the vocal cords, which helps to improve cough," says Andreia

4. Honey

Honey is also a home remedy for ancient cough, and this has its rationale. "It is beneficial mainly in cases of dry cough, because it can protect the mucous membranes of the throat and reduce the local irritation," says the expert. So much so that a study published in the scientific journal Pediatrics, made with 300 children from 1 to 5 years with nocturnal cough, showed that it helped reduce inflammation and improve sleep.

5. Licorice

The root of licorice is considered a potent expectorant, making it a home remedy for coughing. "It also relieves irritation in the throat because it contains a substance called glycyrrhizin, which acts as a sedative in the mucosa of the trachea," explains the nutrologist. Cinnamon

This spice is considered an interesting home remedy for coughing, for several reasons. "It has a bactericidal, antiviral and antioxidant action, as well as providing a drying and expectorant effect on the mucous membranes", believes the expert.

7. Nettle Tea

Nettle has several nutritional components that make it a home remedy for coughing. "It has astringent, antihistaminic and diuretic properties, alleviating the symptoms of coughs, even with catarrh", emphasizes the nutróloga Andreia

8. Pineapple

Bromelain, the enzyme present in pineapple, is the active ingredient in this homemade cough medicine, because it is anti-inflammatory, teaches Andreia. To top it off, it is a source of vitamin C, which powers the body's defense system.

9. Sweetheart Tea

This herb, when consumed in tea, has great properties for a home remedy for coughing. "It offers soothing properties, helping to reduce dry cough and strengthen the immune system," explains the specialist.

10. Watercress Syrup

Watercress is an interesting vegetable for those who are coughing and can serve as a good home remedy. "It contains a substance called gluconasturcoside, which has antibacterial action," Andreia teaches.

In addition, its good amounts of vitamins C and A, iron and potassium make it an ally of the immune system. Thyme tea

Thyme is anti-spasmodic, which can greatly help anyone with a cough. "Tea is excellent for helping eliminate phlegm, relief of nasal congestion, and pain and inflammation of the throat," teaches Andreia Guarnieri


alteia tea

Also known as whitewash, marshmallow, marshmallow or mallowish, alteia is a common home remedy for coughs, because it has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.

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