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Home remedy for flu and colds: 6 recipes that work

Home remedy for flu and colds: 6 recipes that work

Flu and colds are viral diseases that reach the upper airways (nose, mouth, and throat). The difference is that influenza has more severe symptoms than colds.

"Usually these pictures are self-limiting, that is, they persist for an average of three to seven days, and then they resolve on their own," says neurologist Lenina Matioli

Home Remedies for Influenza

Because of this, the specialist explains that home remedies for colds and flu do not help to heal these pictures, only soften them slightly while the body does not complete this cycle.

According to Lenina, the most popular home remedies for influenza that help relieve their symptoms are:

Homemade recipe for the fluNutrientsBecause it is effective
Orange juice with lemonVitamin CContinued intake of this vitamin helps boost the immune system
Garlic SyrupAllicinThe substance is anti-inflammatory, improving symptoms of nasal congestion
Apple juice with honeyMoisturizing propertiesHoney helps to hydrate the mucous membranes of the airways, aiding in dry cough
Garlic boiled with honeyAllicin and moisturizing propertiesIt mixes the already mentioned benefits of both foods
Cashew juiceVitamin CIts consumption can be interspersed with lemon and orange, helping to have a greater contribution of vitamin C
Canja de ChickenProteins, carbohydrates and vitaminsDoes not improve symptoms, but it is a meal. the balaceada and helps to improve the balance of the body

Ineffective home remedies

And the following home recipes, although well known, are not as effective:

  • Lemon ginger tea
  • Echinacea tea
  • Cinnamon diluted in water
  • Milk with saffron

According to Lenina, teas and spices are very controversial in improving symptoms of colds and flu. "The amount of the active principle contained in each leaf depends on the way the crop, soil, crop, storage and amount used," explains the expert.

What if the flu does not go away?

If after the expected seven days, even if the symptoms of flu or cold persists, it is best to give up home treatments and seek a doctor!

"In the case of flu, the chances of complications, such as pneumonia, depend on the aggressiveness of the virus and the immune resistance of the host. > Flu and Cold Symptoms

Both flu and colds have symptoms that are very disruptive to the day to day. They are:


  • Pain in the body
  • Fever
  • Irritated and painful throat
  • Nasal congestion

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