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Home Remedy for Indigestion: Learn to Relieve

Home Remedy for Indigestion: Learn to Relieve

Indigestion is a fairly common problem and can have several types of causes, such as:

  • Excessive eating, such as exaggerated intake of fats, alcoholic beverages,
  • Smoking
  • Structural changes: such as gastric sphincter hypotonia, hiatal hernia, etc.
  • Diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcers and tumors of the digestive tract (gastric and esophagic cancer)
  • Food intolerances like lactose
  • Therefore, with such varied causes, it is difficult to determine a treatment without medical evaluation, as stressed by the neurologist Lenina Matioli.
  • Treat indigestion in

For the specialist, the best advice is to prevent indigestion, and this can and should be done at home: "Make correct food choices and also have healthy lifestyle habits," he says.

The use of some but herbs can also help in cases of indigestion for excess food, such as:

Leaves and mint tea

Ginger tea

  • Boldo tea
  • Tea of ​​Veronica
  • However, Lenina "The concentration of phytochemicals varies according to the amount of herb used, how it was grown, harvested, stored, and so on. These factors, when left uncontrolled, leave the effect of the herb very uncertain, "comments the specialist.

    In addition, the most important expert's note is that indigestion may be something normal, but if you start to become doctor is essential.

  • Winter care is crucial to health

    Winter care is crucial to health

    The seasons nowadays occur atypically. They are changing because of probably the greenhouse effect and sea currents like "El Niño" and "La Niña". The typical winter, however, is characterized by increase and decrease of some diseases. Thus, typical diseases of the summer, such as infectious diarrhea, resulting from the contamination of food by microorganisms, which have their growth facilitated by heat, are uncommon.


    Imaging tests may be decisive in the diagnosis of thyroid diseases

    Imaging tests may be decisive in the diagnosis of thyroid diseases

    Ultrasonography (US) has been evolving very fast in recent years and is assuming an increasingly important role in the diagnosis of thyroid disease. The ultrasound equipment is being improved progressively, both in image quality and in programs that allow objective analysis of the gland. These improvements are making it possible to view small changes in the thyroid, earlier and earlier.