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Home Treatments That Lighten True Dark Circles

Home Treatments That Lighten True Dark Circles

Dark circles are a super common problem in women and men, and usually happen for two reasons: deposit of melanin in the region and dilation of the blood vessels of the region.

Usually they are associated to sleepless nights and crying, and give the impression that the person is tired.

In both cases, if you woke up with dark circles and do not want to leave the house with them, you can bet on some home treatments, indicated by dermatologists:

1 . Cold Water Compresses

As one of the causes of dark circles is the dilation of blood vessels below the eyes, applying cold water compresses is a great home treatment for dark circles. "Cold water causes vasoconstriction (decreased vessels) and improves the local appearance," explains dermatologist Daniela Landim, a graduate of aesthetic medicine in São Paulo.

2. Ice cream camomile tea sachets

Applying the cold sachets of chamomile tea to the eyes has a similar effect to cold water packs. However, this home care for dark circles brings a special "plus": "Chamomile has flavonoids that contribute to improved circulation in the dark circles," explains Daniela.

Dermatologist Sara Bragança, from Rio de Janeiro, teaches that it is necessary to leave the sachets with a good concentration of chamomile and leave them under the eyes for 10 minutes. The ideal is to lie down, but with a raised head: "This position stimulates the vessels to return to normal size, reducing the swelling and softening the purplish coloration ", justifies.

3. Cucumber slices

Do you know the famous cold cucumber slices that people indicate put under the eyes in cases of dark circles? Yes, this homemade treatment works! "The cucumber contains flavonoids in its composition, improving the tonicity of local vessels and the appearance of dark circles," says dermatologist Daniela.

4. Gazes soaked in milk

Milk also has interesting properties for those with dark circles. "It has lactic acid, a substance that moisturizes, renews and cleanses the skin," says dermatologist Lilian Estefan.

A specialist home treatment tip is to make the compress by tapping 100 ml of milk with half papaya papaya, applying this mixture directly into the region or soaking a gauze and letting it act for 15 minutes - not forgetting to wash the region well afterwards.

5. Massages in the region

Home-made massage can help reduce edema in the area. See Sara's dermatologist's step-by-step to do a facial lymphatic drainage under dark circles:

Start with the ring finger, sliding gently and gently, going from the inner corner of the upper lid to the outer lid

  • Then start over of the inner corner of the eyes, but at the bottom, and go towards the outer corner. The massage should begin in the tear canal (located in the inner corner) and end at the other end.
  • Finish by lightly tapping the region with your index finger and middle finger, alternately
  • eyes and, with the ring finger, press the tear canal for ten seconds, making a small circle.
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Potato Slices

As much as cold potatoes help dark circles due to temperature-induced vasoconstriction. However, this homemade treatment does not bring advantages like cucumber. "The potato is a starch and sugar, in turn, does not improve the dark circles in any respect," says Daniela Landim. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another acclaimed food as a dressing, but it can be very harmful to the skin: if it is not cleaned properly, it can cause blemishes when the skin comes in contact with the sun. "These marks can even become burns, depending on the time of exposure to the sun," warns the specialist.Other habits that eliminate dark circles Sleep well

It is no wonder that, when sleeping badly, we wake up with glorious purple circles around the eyes. Sara Braganza explains that it is at this time of day that the skin is restored. Without a quality sleep, the skin can not recover right - and this is reflected the next day. "It is estimated that eight hours of sleep are sufficient for good tissue restoration," he advises.

Reduce salt

We know that sodium in salt is a major culprit for fluid retention. But did you know that it also makes the look of dark circles worse? The retention of liquid promoted by the sodium worsens the appearance of the dark circles, leaving the area of ​​the eyes swollen. So, reduce salt!

Decrease alcohol

Alcohol, like salt, is one of the villains of liquid retention. This happens, says Sara Bragança, because the alcohol "pulls" the water, leaving it retained in the cells, which leads to the swollen and soaked look under the eyes. To solve, in addition to decreasing alcohol, you should drink plenty of water.

Hydrate the face

A moisturized skin is undoubtedly more beautiful. But in addition, facial moisturizing is useful when disguising dark circles. "The skin around the eyes is very thin and not very thick, this feature makes the facial vessels of this area more apparent, leaving the area looking purplish," explains Sara Bragança.

To increase the thickness of the skin, Sara teaches that moisturizing is a good solution. "Good hydration in the eye area increases the thickness of the skin and, consequently, the vessels in that area are not so apparent, improving the local color," he explains. Another well promoted by hydration is the lower loss of collagen. Lilian Estefan says that with more collagen, the skin's support improves, reducing the breakage of vessels - which also cause the purple.

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