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How to lose abdominal fat without losing your butt

How to lose abdominal fat without losing your butt

Losing abdominal fat without losing your butt is possible, this is because a lot of abdominal fat is constituted by what we call stock fat, which is nothing more than all the fat it has in our body and somehow manages to be transformed into energy. However, as much as anyone likes, it is an energy reserve. But the buttock is made up mostly of essential fat which is a fat that as well as those of the breasts can not be converted into energy. In the case of the buttocks it is possible to eliminate the stock fat, to stay with the essential fat and to further develop the muscular mass of the region.

What has to be clear is that when a person performs the energy used does not leave only that one that is being activated, especially if it is fat. When you do aerobic work, for example, the fat used during this activity comes from the whole body, and when you do an abdominal exercise as well, the difference is that abdominal exercise will bring more strength and a possible hypertrophy to the muscle and with this will give that feeling of definition the same goes for the butt.

Differences between bodies

The distribution of fats in the body occurs differently in some anatomical regions. In adulthood when people get fat they will usually get two formats. The pear and the apple pear is called the gynoid, and it is the people who accumulate more fat in the region of the legs and butt. The apple format is called an android, and in it people accumulate more fat in the abdominal region.

In the latter case, it is possible to imagine that people with the android profile have much more difficulty losing belly and even when this happens the chance of Bumbum go together is bigger because of course it already occupies little fat in that region.

The best exercises for the butt

Learn to do the squat - Photo: Givanildo Matias

Deep squat: put the legs slightly feet a little in front of the hip line.


Slightly apart feet, dumbbells or barbell in the lower limbs. Stiff:

front of the body, bending movement of the body with slight flexion of the knee. Be careful not to have lumbar hyperflexion and not to let the knees open to the sides.

Learn how to make the bottom Sink:

Place one leg in the front, one in the back. The back foot should be at the tip.

Most Common Errors Make a Few Series:

To achieve gluteal growth, scientists recommend doing about 15 weekly sets for this group muscular. Less series than this may not provide the desired effect. Do not increase the load:

To continue progressing in muscle hypertrophy it is important to always increase the load of the exercise. This will stimulate progression. Wrong food:

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