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I forgot the pill, now what? Experts explain what to do

I forgot the pill, now what? Experts explain what to do

1 in 3 My Life readers use birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, says My Life's "Menstrual Cycles" survey in December 2017. But among them, we are sure that a large part have already forgotten to take any of the pills in the pack. "I believe at least 50% of my patients have reported forgetting at some point in their lives," says gynecologist Paula Fettback, a specialist in human reproduction at Clínica Mãe (SP).

If this is your case now, be calm! We talk to specialists who explain what they are doing right now:

Why forgetting the pill is so alarming?

The effectiveness of the contraceptive pill is directly linked to the frequency with which it is taken. "Although the oral contraceptive has great efficacy, it may be diminished due to forgetfulness or delay in its taking, resulting in inopportune bleeding or pregnancy," says gynecologist Eddy Nishimura of Santa Cruz Hospital (SP). , forgetting, the chances of becoming pregnant and the best to do varies greatly according to the week of the card:

I forgot the pill in the first week

If the forgetfulness does not exceed 12 hours, you can take the pill without problems and continue the carton normally. "If it is more than that, it is advised that the patient take the pill, but be aware that contraception can not be guaranteed in these cases," says the gynecologist Paula.

In this phase, the ideal is to spend the month all using male or female condoms, since the efficacy of the contraceptive may be compromised. However, this guidance changes according to the package insert.

I forgot the pill in week 2

Taking the pill correctly for seven days already provides greater protection against pregnancy. "So you can take the missing pill even if it's together with the next one, but emergency contraception will not be necessary," says Nishimura, a gynecologist.

But if you do not feel safe, you can use condoms instead additional protection. Some pills recommend this use anyway for 7 to 9 days after forgetting.

I forgot the pill in week 3

"The closer the oblivion was to the pill-free break, the greater the chance of pill failure ", says the specialist. So if there is forgetfulness at this stage, the ideal is to always use another contraceptive method.

If forgetfulness was earlier this week, you can take the pill as normal. But if you miss it for a couple of days and you do not make continuous use of the contraceptive, you can interrupt the card and give your normal pause, says Paula Fettback.

Forgetfulness for more than 24 hours

If you forget a pill and delay the next, problems in the effectiveness of contraceptive are even greater and it is ideal to take two pills and protect with the condom. "In these cases we advise on the risks of ovulating and / or having a leak," Paula puts it.

What if I forget more than once?

No matter how current contraceptive methods are very safe, there are no miracles:? from two days already imposes problems and barrier methods must be considered. Depending on the number of pills taken, the ideal may be the interruption of the card, wait for menstruation and start a new card, "says gynecologist Vamberto Maia, also from Clínica Mãe (SP).

If less than seven days have started the card, she must amend a new one, using the additional method of protection. "If she has a normal bleeding, it is recommended to stop taking the current card and start a new card," says Nishimura.What if I forget the first pill in the pack?

Depends heavily on contraception, you can usually start the next day normally. "But associate an additional protection method for 7 days if oblivion is greater than 12 hours," says Nishimura.

Can I use a pill the next day when I forget the daily pill?

The morning pill The following is usually indicated when the person does not use any other contraceptive method, as it has a high hormonal load.

In the case of a person who already takes contraception, therefore, care must be taken when using contraceptive. It depends on the number of pills forgotten and the phase of the pack that is. The ideal is to talk to your doctor.

"But it is always good to remember that the correct thing is to not forget to take the pill daily and associate condoms to protect yourself from STDs," stresses Vamberto Maia.

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