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"I'm always stuck with hunger, I do not live on lettuce alone," says Susana Vieira

Lunchbox at Projac!

For Susana, one of the most difficult things to control in food is the meals of street, after all she is always gone, whether it's recording on Projac Rede Globo or rehearsing for plays. "So I chose to take a lunchbox with my meals, I tell Claudia, my cook, to prepare the food for me." The more homely the food, the better! ", Reveals. steak

Susana Vieira's favorite dish is the same as many Brazilians: rice, beans and steak! And with the Diet of Points, she did not have to cut off this meal. "Thank God I did not have to give it up, I just traded the white rice for the integral and it decreases the amount."

Another food that Susana loves and has a hard time giving up is the roll! "So with the Diet and Health, I kept the bread, but only for breakfast."

Health above all

For Susana, health is more important than anything. "So I've never had fad diets, I've always thought it was crazy to spend all day eating just lettuce and tomatoes, it's no good to be thin and fall out of bed in the first cold, I've never seen an advantage in those miracle diets." Susana's diet

The Diet and Health Points Diet is a very practical and healthy weight loss method. "It's a super-efficient method because diet does not simply convert calories into numbers, it differentiates the nutritional quality of foods, carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your formula and also considers the presence of bad fats and the fibers of foods. from the cell phone I calculate the amount of DS Points that I can use per day and I can better choose what I'm going to eat, "explains the actress.

Susana Vieira shone in the carnival - Photo: Getty Images

Despite allowing you to eat what you "I am very disciplined and I do not want to disappoint the application in any way, I have never been above the allowed points and this has been a daily challenge."

Greater willingness

With the Diet and Health, the changes in Susana Vieira's life did not just happen in the balance. "I feel more willing, but it is clear that to have a positive result, even by reconciling dietary re-education with exercise," he points out.

Lucélia has lost 25.2kg and is healthier than ever

Lucélia has lost 25.2kg and is healthier than ever

"Never I managed to diet, because I could not deprive myself of the things I like, "is how the testimony of Lucélia Bispo da Silva and so many other people who are fighting against the balance begins. But with 26 years of age and strong will, Lucélia managed to lose 25.2kg. This time, without suffering, using the program of dietary reeducation Diet and Health.


The 6 worst foods to be consumed before sex and the 4 best

The 6 worst foods to be consumed before sex and the 4 best

Few people know this, but food can directly affect sexual desire, both positively and negatively. That's why you need to be careful when choosing the menu in a meeting. Check out which foods to avoid and others that can help you have a great night out: 1. Avoid: Beans With rice, alone or even with pasta, beans are the most beloved food of Brazilians, and it is difficult to reject it.