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Kate Walsh, of "Gray's Anatomy", reveals that she had brain tumor

Kate Walsh, of

According to the actress, in early 2015 she began to feel extremely tired, but felt that she was in this way due to the intense amount of recordings.

"I was working insane hours, maybe 80 hours a week, and also working really hard, so I was not surprised." I thought, okay, I'll go changing my exercise routine, I will go back to doing mature things like walking, "he commented.

However, other symptoms began to appear. While driving she deviated from the right lane, she had difficulty finishing sentences and began to perceive problems with her cognition.

"I thought it might be menopausal symptoms because there are a lot of the same markers, but I wanted to see a neurologist, I just had an instinct," he said. > After an MRI, Kate was diagnosed with a tumor in the left frontal lobe and, three days after diagnosis, she was already undergoing removal surgery. Fortunately, after analysis, she was considered to have a benign tumor.

Despite the shock, she says she was relieved to find out what she had. "It was not just my imagination, and my instincts were right," he said.

Two years later, Kate is fully recovered, but the shock has changed her perception of life. "I love working hard and doing 800 things at the same time, and that was a really incredible lesson in undergoing the healing process. In my area, it's common to work 17 hours a day, so it can be very challenging, but now I know that I really need seven to eight hours of sleep.As basic as that seems, it was a big part of my recovery. "

According to her, going through all this was a way for her to realize that "I want to be with my friends and with my family and I want to work on projects that are really important to me, which I enjoy and that contribute culturally. But my health comes first and foremost. I had to change my way of life. "

Although she has already interpreted a doctor, the discomfort of being in a hospital was no different than anyone else's. "When it comes to being patient, it's a very vulnerable experience. I did exactly what the doctors told me to do, asked lots of questions, had a lot of support, and just gave time," said Kate Walsh. of the surgery, the actress spent nine months without working. However, when she recovers completely, Kate has returned to several projects, such as the movie Girls Trip and the 13 Reasons Why series, all without forgetting to sleep well and not require much of herself.

Understand how the relationship between illicit drugs and alcohol

Understand how the relationship between illicit drugs and alcohol

Use of a psychotropic substance, such as crack, is often associated with the use of another type of drug. Studies suggest that alcohol is the substance most often involved in multiple use situations. This type of addiction brings even more painful effects to the body: damage to brain mechanisms and the release of toxic substances become even more intense.


Women suffering from heart attack are at greater risk of dying than men

Women suffering from heart attack are at greater risk of dying than men

Although they are always associated with men, heart disease, especially heart attack, may be more fatal for women. This was the result of a study conducted by the University of Leeds in partnership with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. To reach this conclusion, the scientists analyzed approximately 180,000 Swedish patients who had a heart attack over 10 years and found that women were three times more likely to die from a heart attack the next year after suffering one.