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Keep the skin smooth during pregnancy

Keep the skin smooth during pregnancy

The belly comes out that is a wonder, the baby grows right, but when you look at your body with a little more of attention, begins to be worried about the skin that goes stretching without stopping or with that stain on the face that did not exist before the gestation

And it is true, the skin of the pregnant woman undergoes alterations like spots, stretch marks, acne and cellulite before and after delivery. Often, prevention is the best medicine and, in other cases, it even goes for fetal and health treatments.

"The increase in female hormones, in particular progesterone, indirectly influences the regulatory hormones the melanin synthesis (skin pigmentation) and the synthesis of collagen (distension of the skin), predisposing to the appearance of stretch marks and spots, "says dermatologist Flávia Addor, director of SBD-São Paulo (Brazilian Society of Dermatology). > For all this, do not become a reason for badly sleeping nights and do not disturb the tranquility that your condition requires in the first place, check below the solutions to the main complaints of women at this stage when the subject is skin.

Rubber in spots

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The spots on the skin are reasons for headaches for future moms. The most common type is called melasma, it is brownish in color and appears mainly on the face in the malar region (cheeks), on the forehead, and on the forehead. "They can be isolated or appear simultaneously in all regions, forming a mask-like appearance," explains dermatologist Thais Pepe, SBD.

Melasma can be triggered by a patient who already has genetic predisposition, hormonal changes and sun exposure without adequate protection. "I indicate the factor 60 sunscreen to prevent and control the problem," adds Thaís. During pregnancy, the dermatologist may prescribe a treatment with a whitening cream, based on kojic acid, arbutin or azelaic acid, which do not present contraindications for the period and act in the reduction and stagnation of the marks. "The sooner you are treated, the greater the chances of reducing melasma," says the specialist.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, other techniques can be applied to women's skin. "Peeling sessions, pulsed light or fractional laser work on reducing melasma, but each spot will react in a way." "9u> Zeu

Ah, the stretch marks. These relentless marks on the skin are the fear of the feminine wing. And they appear for several reasons: hormonal changes, genetic predisposition and, of course, by the superestation of the skin and the consequent tearing of the elastic fibers. The regions most affected are the belly, breasts, inner region of the thighs and flanks. But it has to prevent the badly drawn lines or at least prevent them from spreading so much during pregnancy.

"The main measures are hydration of the skin and avoiding excessive weight gain," explains Pepe. Cosmetics help reduce collagen damage and prevent skin dryness. To hydrate, it is worth investing not only in the popularly known almond oil, but in formulations with powerful emollients such as Asian spark, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

More intense treatments are recommended for the period after breastfeeding. This is because it is also possible to have a more global view of the damage. The indicated methods are the peelling, fractioned laser and pulsed light, all of them with the objective of reorganizing the collagen of the fabric, as well as stimulating its production. Only microdermabrasion, for the same purpose, is indicated at the stage where the mother is still breastfeeding.

How much to pierce!

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Another villain in the skin of pregnant women, cellulitis may increase or worsen during pregnancy. It is caused by fat nodules that form in the subcutaneous region. They prevent oxygenation and cellular nutrition, causing the appearance of orange peel on the skin. The blood and lymphatic circulations are also impaired. "Gestation hormones and the belly pressure itself increase the retention of the fluid, which contributes to the appearance of ripples," explains Thais Pepe.

To remove the holes, invest in a balanced diet (with a low concentration of sugar and fat ), practice regular physical exercises. During pregnancy, lymphatic drainage is highly recommended to alleviate the problem.

Wimps and Pimples

Due to hormonal changes, acne can sprout on the skin or look that good news goes away. Performing the daily cleaning procedure, the same as when you are not pregnant, is a form of control and prevention. "Wash your face with a specific soap and apply a facial tonic to get around the oil," recommends Thais Pepe. "Skin cleansing also has no contraindication in pregnancy." After childbirth and the breastfeeding phase, salicylic acid peeling is one of the alternatives to soften the lesions caused by acne.

Pregnancy calls for special care with oral health

Pregnancy calls for special care with oral health

It is now well known that it is important to take preventive treatment of the child even from pregnancy, thus increasing the chances of the baby having a good oral health. In addition, there is a need for dental care of the pregnant woman herself, reducing the chances of transmission of microorganisms from the mother to the child.


Acupuncture in pregnancy: Can or can not?

Acupuncture in pregnancy: Can or can not?

During pregnancy there are different changes in the woman's body both emotional and physical. In order to achieve a healthy and healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to follow up with different health professionals, such as obstetrician and nutritionist. However, in addition to these specialists the pregnant woman can also count on the assistance of an acupuncturist.