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Know the best exercises to relieve arthritis

Know the best exercises to relieve arthritis

For those who practice exercises, joint pains can make training much less pleasurable and often impractical. Therefore, people who suffer from arthritis leave a healthy routine of physical activities because they do not endure the hassle. "As arthritis may favor other problems, as individuals become more painful, individuals are more prone to physical inactivity, which can cause obesity, heart and orthopedic problems," says sports physiologist Raul Santo de Oliveira, Unifesp

It is important to exercise to keep your joints healthy. When the body is active, the joints become more flexible and have their motor functions preserved, even with arthritis. In addition, stronger muscles prevent the joints from deforming. But, contrary to what many people think, it is not so simple to ignore the pain and get into a healthy routine. This, in most cases, is even discouraged. "Keeping an inflamed region in constant movement or contact prevents the body from being able to recover." Exercising that forces the joints during an inflammatory process is the same as removing a wound from a bruise.The injury will never heal and discomfort alone "

There are several types of arthritis, but the most common are acute pyogenic and rheumatoid arthritis. To continue with the body in motion you need to adapt the exercise routine according to the type of inflammation in the joints. Both the physiologist and the physiotherapist point out that a doctor's approval is important before you start doing any type of activity, especially if arthritis is part of your life.

Acute Arthritis

When arthritis is caused by a trauma or an injury, it is called acute or pyogenic arthritis. The regions most affected by this problem are the knee and the ankle. In this situation, the exercises can wait until the inflammation is under control. "Once the inflammatory process in the joints presents in an already asymptomatic phase, exercises that work the muscles and protect the joints can already be done", explains the physiotherapist.

To keep the muscles able to repeat the movements of the day day, many of the exercises repeat the efforts made in everyday life. "Exercises for people with arthritis usually do not involve weights or are made with very low load. It is common practice to imitate movement of accelerating a car or climbing a ladder, for example, to strengthen the muscles most used," says Evaldo Bosio.

Rheumatoid arthritis

"When the body is active, the joints become more flexible and have their motor functions preserved"

In this case, the follow-up of a doctor is even more important, since the pain and inflammation are chronic and caused by genetic factors. "The physical exercise is a coadjuvant in the treatment with remedies. The doctor, when analyzing the state of the inflammations in the joints, can diagnose some exercises that help to reduce the advance of the symptoms of the disease", explains Raul Santo de Oliveira. Because of the pains common in rheumatoid arthritis, many individuals stop practicing sports, which can bring damage to the muscles to the joints themselves, "says the physiologist. That's why many doctors point out exercises as a coadjuvant in arthritis remedy treatment.

Entering the pool

Swimming is a great way to increase joint conditioning throughout the body. "It is a good choice, as it works to strengthen large muscle groups without causing tension in the joints, in addition to conditioning the cardiovascular system," explains physiologist Raul Santo.Water aerobics also has the same benefits. As water dampens the impact of the feet with the ground, and offers more resistance than air, gymnastics done inside the pool brings a greater caloric expenditure without harming the joints.

Isometric Exercises

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When traditional exercises become very difficult to do, isometric exercises are an alternative way to strengthen muscles and protect body joints. This type of exercise involves forcing muscles without causing a movement or angle change in the joints most affected by rheumatoid arthritis. "They can be made with various intensities, which is established according to the limitations and needs of each person," explains physiologist Raul Santo.

A fairly simple exercise, which can be done at home, fits into this category. "As arthritis in the hand and fingers is quite common in women, strengthening the muscles of this area prevents pain and even the gradual loss of finger movements. Tie the fingers of the hands with a regular office elastic, and force to try forcing it out, working the muscles of the hands and protecting the joints, "says Evaldo Bósio.

Low Impact Exercises

In this group of physical activities are walking, dancing, climbing stairs and pilates. This group of exercises controls blood pressure, cholesterol, strengthens the cardiovascular system and even burns calories. Such benefits are important because people with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to develop heart disease. In addition, they are exercises that help slow the loss of bone mass caused by arthritis, decreasing the chances of osteoporosis in the future.

Tai Chi

This oriental technique can help arthritis patients increase the range of their movements , stay with more flexibility, tone the muscles more, especially the legs, and provide a better body balance. In addition, by focusing on breathing and concentration, Tai Chi helps you relax and forget the pains caused by the disease.

Learn to train

For all athletes, the trick is: it is no use demanding more than your body is able to withstand. For those who suffer from arthritis, this advice is even more important. Keeping the body always active prevents the recovery of micro-injuries that occur during training. "The physical educator is the best person to set the pace of the exercises and pauses between them to achieve an ideal balance, called overcompensation, so this professional should know the severity of the problem in the joints to set up a training that leaves the joints active without causing harm, "says Raul Santo.

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