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Lack of motivation may be related to depression and other problems

Lack of motivation may be related to depression and other problems

Motivation is when you have a reason to take action. Do you know anyone who seems discouraged, who is half in inertia? Someone who even knows they have to do something, but does not? Who walks in his eyes without a shine, and what knows best is to shrug and answer so much? Yes, and sometimes this person is so close that we see him as we look in the mirror.

If we take these clues and start toward a quick diagnosis, what we have for this person is that they are at least lacking in motivation for him. It may even be related to depression or other more serious problems - I've heard that depression can be a sign of the death of motivations!

Some experts say that human behavior is motivational: our actions are shaped by our motivation. And our actions shape our lives. Sometimes we drag on, as if life is losing its power, because what energizes us seems not to be there.

What causes motivation?

Motivation is when you have a motive to take action, it is an emotional load that puts you in motion and it comes in two formats:

  • Sometimes it comes from something that causes you pain - and we as human beings, we always want to get away from that pain
  • Other times, it comes of something that generates pleasure - something we always seek

For you to create a break, the important thing is that you have strong motives that cause a state of restlessness, alertness or readiness to change level - whether by withdrawal (pain) or approach (pleasure).

When you have a combination of these two motivators (pain and pleasure), you have a perfect match for action. And that's what makes you change places. This movement is what generates the rupture for a change.

This may explain a little bit why we start doing certain things and we can not move on. You can not follow, because your motives are not yet strong enough, your emotional load is still low. Maybe what you're feeling is not enough to get you out of that position. Either the plate is heating up at a temperature that you are still holding or the perception of satisfaction from where you want to arrive is still very little.

What is fundamental to know? The emotional charge is very important to generate movement in our lives. Emotions are our energy.

Motivation at work

If there is a part of life in which motivations appear more, I say that it is at work, in it we can perceive them even more present or even more absent. After all, it's where we spend most of our time. When we get out of bed early, knowing that we will spend a lot of hours of the day doing something that fills us with pleasure, satisfaction, accomplishment, even pressure and stress are worth it, it seems that tiredness makes sense and the reward does not even fit of so great. We always have the strength to go on.

Now imagine knowing that you will spend hours on the automatic and for no reason at all, with an apparent sense of just obligation. You will push with your belly only until you hold out.

Well, whatever your condition, it is he who will determine your results. If we need motives to take action and if you are still standing (whatever the setting is), it is worth taking a look at your motives.

And motivation comes from within, so it goes beyond the circumstances. No use complaining that you want your apartment, car, body, work or life to be different, if you keep doing it! And even if any of these changes, it may be that you remain dissatisfied, it depends on your motives.Boosting Your Motivations

So motivation can be seen as a boost. An impulse full of motives. As one of those who makes us feel alive and suggests that we are participating in our lives.

Motivation is like a mix of words? Motive? and "action." So ask yourself:

Think about what your reasons are

  • Reflect on what makes you take action and what creates movement in you
  • And finally: What really makes you motivated?
  • The only something we can do for someone without motivation, when we see them like this "sort of way," is to encourage them to discover their own motives. Not only the reasons for lack of motivation, which is the most common and automatic to do. But find out about the motives that make them stay true with this urge to live, to make happen, to participate.

Remember: If motivation is low it is because your motives are still weak or hidden. Your feelings need more intensity and your emotions are your energy. Your emotional state determines your outcome.

Do you want a better life (pleasure) and / or can not take over what you are living (pain)? Listen to your motives. Science says that motivation explains many phenomena of behavior. Pay attention to your behaviors. Never let it go: Your actions and reactions are directly linked to your motives.

And attention! Sometimes we generalize and say that everything in our lives is bad, but I venture to say that we get a lot more what is missing. I'm talking about this, because I want to make it clear that we can feel unmotivated in only parts and areas of our lives, because it's only in that department that the motives may not be so strong.

Finally, find out more about

Ana Paula Bellati is a psychologist, master coach and director of UM%, a São Paulo company focused on coaching and developing people.

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