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Lactose intolerance: 7 myths that need to be clarified

Lactose intolerance: 7 myths that need to be clarified

Do you know that feeling that a particular food did not "fit well"? Stomach belly, gas, abdominal pain, and even nausea and vomiting. You may have felt something like this after meals. Most people usually ignore the nuisance, as if everything is just a simple discomfort. But attention: Behind these symptoms may be the diagnosis of lactose intolerance, a condition that deserves attention.

The health problem arises when the body can not digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products, because of the absence or deficiency of an enzyme called lactase.

Whoever suffers from lactose intolerance usually experiences gastrointestinal complaints about thirty minutes to two hours after a meal with milk or milk products, and may vary according to the body and amount of ingested lactose. Abdominal pains, diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps and a feeling of cramping are some of the most common symptoms.

Even though it is possible to cope with lactose intolerance without a radically restricted diet, it balances health and flavor during meals. First of all, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis with a doctor and to perform specific tests in case of recurrent discomfort, especially after ingesting milk products.

We separate some myths of lactose intolerance that need to be clarified right now. If you have lactose intolerance you do not have to cut off any dairy foods from your diet.

You can never eat dairy products?

The solution, in this case, is enzymatic supplementation, made with the ingestion of tablets ready for consumption, minutes before meals allowing the person to eat these foods. This is because the supplement contains the enzyme lactase, which can digest lactose.

Perlatte is a ready-to-use enzyme supplementation tablet. Intake of this enzyme promotes the adequate breakdown of lactose, with reduction of gastrointestinal discomfort, allowing the consumption of dairy products in intolerant individuals or with restrictions on the consumption of lactose.

The tablets should be taken minutes before the intake of milk and its derivatives ( dairy products), improving the digestion of sugar in milk. Perlatte is number 1 on the recommendation of the experts because it is the only enzyme lactase in Brazil tested and proven.

Enzyme supplementation allows the body to absorb nutrients important for health and that must be kept in food, such as calcium, vitamin D , vitamin B12 and proteins, all found in milk and food products.

Everyone knows that you have lactose intolerance?

In early childhood, the body relies on a good dose of enzyme lactase to digest breast milk, primary source of nutrition for infants. As the child grows and other foods are added to the diet, there is a reduction in lactase in the intestine, which can cause intolerance. Therefore, it is normal to develop the lifelong health problem, although many people do not know this.

It is estimated that three out of ten Brazilians have gastrointestinal discomforts - but only 1% of cases have a confirmed diagnosis. Symptoms, such as gas, abdominal pain and diarrhea, can be confused with other illnesses and situations. The confirmation of the diagnosis of lactose intolerance allows patients to live with better quality of life and comfort, without dispensing the nutrients that are present in dairy foods through enzymatic supplementation .

Only cow's milk contains lactose?

Lactose is, in fact, the main sugar in milk of animal origin. The point is that the drink is the basis of many other foods that we consume daily, often without realizing it. Cheese, cakes, pasta, breads, butters, sauces, biscuits, curd cheese and ice creams and even sausages (salami and sausages) are some examples of products that, after consumption, can cause abdominal pain, gas and diarrhea in people with lactose intolerance .

The problem passes after a while?

In fact, the opposite is true with lactose intolerance. It is during the course of life that the health problem can be aggravated, with the fall of the production of enzyme lactase by the small intestine. Normally, the body digests better the milk sugar in childhood. This changes over time as we add other nutrients and foods to our daily diet by replacing milk.

It is common, therefore, for adults and the elderly to develop some degree of intolerance to milk and milk products at maturity. In addition, intestinal diseases such as celiac and gastroenteritis, and surgeries can cause lactose intolerance in the body.

The condition does not have a definitive solution, but it can be alleviated with the use of enzymatic supplementation. Intake of Perlatte before meals can "break" the sugar present in dairy foods during digestion so that there is no fermentation and discomfort after meals.

In addition to having proven scientifically efficacy and rely on the recommendation of doctors and specialists , Perlatte is handy and practical in any situation as it does not need to be dissolved. With this supplementation, lactose intolerant can consume milk-based foods normally, as the enzyme lactase aids in the digestion of lactose.

Lactose intolerance poses no health risks?

The magic formula, written in this way, seems simple: if milk and dairy products cause gastrointestinal discomfort, simply eliminate them completely from the diet, right? And this is what many people who are suspected of lactose intolerance end up doing, without realizing the risks that the measure may lead to health, albeit in the long term.

Milk and its derivatives contain nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the our bodies such as proteins, vitamins D and B12, calcium and riboflavin. The absence of this food in the diet can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, loss of bone mass, cramp and calcium deficiency, among other complications.

Are milk intolerance and allergy the same?

Some symptoms are similar and have as main cause the same agent, milk and its derivatives. Even so, lactose intolerance and milk allergy are different conditions, which require specific interventions. As we have explained before, intolerance is caused by the absence of the enzyme lactase in the body, making it impossible to digest the milk's own sugar, lactose.

Allergy, in turn, is an exaggerated immune system response to a body that is considered "strange" by the body - in this case, the proteins present in milk. With allergy, the body tries to combat the "aggressive proteins", triggering a series of adverse reactions, such as diarrhea, bloating, respiratory symptoms, skin lesions, gas, among others.

Is milk not important in adulthood?

Milk is important in all stages of life, from childhood to old age, contrary to what many believe. Rich in calcium, the food mainly takes care of the health of teeth and bones, preventing osteoporosis.

In addition to mineral calcium, vitamins enrich milk and make all the difference in our diet, such as vitamin A and vitamin D, which stimulate the growth of strong and healthy bones. Food and its derivatives also have B vitamins, which are linked to the proper functioning of the nervous system and the feeling of well-being. That is, reasons to consume food are not lacking, just want and find the best alternative to your diet.

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