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Ladder: exercise slims a lot, defines the butt and strengthens the legs

Ladder: exercise slims a lot, defines the butt and strengthens the legs

The ladder simulator is becoming popular in many gyms and conquering more and more fans. This is because the device is a powerful ally in burning calories and toning the muscles, working the legs and the butt.

The results are so good, that he has already won a special place in the house of celebrities, such as actress Fernanda Souza , who secured a simulator to call his. Under her influence, the actress Giovanna Ewbank also fell in love with the exercise and the list of famous fans of the ladder does not stop there. The presenter Sabrina Sato is also a practitioner of the modality

But why the exercise is so good?

Physical educator Eduardo Silva, from Espaço Ideal, in Sâo Caetano do Sul (SP), says that the secret lies in the movement , which generates contraction of the muscles: "The muscles of the legs are required in order to produce a resistive force, which means to maintain a work of contraction and relaxation for a prolonged time", he explains.If practiced with low or medium intensity, the ladder for being practiced daily. "When training is more intense, it is recommended to take between 1 and 2 days of rest, respecting the needs of body structures to recover properly, avoiding the excessive wear and tear that we call over training", warns Eduardo.

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Caloric Burn

Because it requires a lot of muscles, exercise burns a lot of calories. "The amount varies from person to person, because of different metabolisms, we also have to take into account the rhythm that the person practices the activity, but we can consider up to 400 calories every 30 minutes." What is the best way to practice?

Eduardo says that there are two ways to use the ladder simulator to burn many calories:

By the intensity, ie the speed of execution of the movement. "

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  • " Studies show that it is interesting to alternate both possibilities so that the body does not adapt the execution characteristics, which can cause that burn less calories, "he says. So, note down there, the secret is to vary the stimuli!
  • Can I use the stairs of the building?

As the movements are the same, it is totally possible to practice on the staircase of the building or on the street stairway, it changes and influences the effectiveness of practice. "We can make the same comparison between running on the treadmill and on the street, where running on the street is more difficult because of the force exerted to displace the body, a situation that does not occur on the treadmill, it works the same way on the ladder," exemplifies the physical educator.

Restrictions and errors

Although there are no contraindications, it is always important to consult a professional before starting the activity. Eduardo stresses that the person should be aware of the occurrence of pain and discomfort.

It is also important to be aware of how the exercise is performed. "As the person gets tired, the body looks for more comfortable positions that end up overloading regions such as the lumbar, hip and knees, not to mention the arms that seek support to help support the trunk and thus generate a high level of tension in the shoulders, trapezius and cervical, "he warned.

How to find out if the exercises are working

How to find out if the exercises are working

Measuring the fat, lean mass and water indexes of our body. The lack of specialized and adequate guidance to the goals and possible results with certain physical exercises may end up inducing demotivation in the exercise program. When we do muscular exercises for the thighs, buttocks, arms, calves, abdomen, pectorals and other muscles we feel a change, such as better muscle tone, increased circumference or more strength with the limbs involved, but are subjective perceptions.


Testicular cancer linked to supplements to gain muscle mass, study says

Testicular cancer linked to supplements to gain muscle mass, study says

The consumption of supplements for muscle mass gain based on creatine or androstenedione is related to the increased risk of testicular cancer, according to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer. The researchers analyzed the habits of 900 men from Massachusetts and Connecticut, United States .