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Know the seven main benefits of regular physical activity

Know the seven main benefits of regular physical activity

You already know that exercise is good for you. But do you know how good physical activity is, being able to boost your mood and even improve your sex life? To feel better, have more energy, and perhaps live longer and with more quality, check out the 7 specific ways exercise can improve your life:

Exercise improves your mood

After a stressful day. A personalized workout at the gym or a quick 30-minute walk can help you calm down. Physical activity stimulates various chemical reactions in the brain that can make you happier and more relaxed than you were before, and may even help prevent depression. Making you feel better, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

Exercise fighting chronic diseases

Worried about heart disease or trying to prevent osteoporosis? Regular physical activity can help prevent or manage high blood pressure. Through it, your cholesterol will also benefit because it increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or good cholesterol, while lowering triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol (LDL). This double blow lets your blood flow smoothly, reducing the buildup of plaques in the arteries, and helps prevent type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.

Exercise helps control your weight

When you do activity physics, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to keep your weight under control. Some examples are easy to follow: go up the stairs instead of the elevator, take your dog for a walk, walk during the lunch break, get up at the break of the TV, or move as much as you can, during the day, you will see that you have spent more calories than you think.

Exercise increases your energy level

Physical activity provides oxygen and nutrients to tissues, helping the entire cardiovascular system, making blood circulation more efficient through the heart and through the blood vessels. When your heart and lungs work harder, you have a lot more energy to do the things you enjoy.

Exercise promotes better sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep? With the increase of your physical activities during the day this can be solved. Sometimes physical exercise is the key to a well-nigh sleep solution. When that happens, we improve concentration, productivity and mood. However, if you exercise too close to bedtime, you may be too energized to fall asleep, so the best solution would be to train early.

Exercise can improve and stimulate your sexual performance

and therefore provide a more positive effect on your sex life. For men, for example, those who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than those who do not, especially as they get older.

Exercise can be fun

What to do on a Saturday afternoon? Look for an activity for the whole family. Physical activity need not be painful. Take dance classes, family hikes, play on a climbing wall, push your kids on the swing, or go to a park to breathe fresh air. Play ball, volleyball, burned with them. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and get bored make another, try something new.

What matters is that you move and spend more calories than you usually ingest with your food. And now, if you are convinced that regular physical activity is good, start getting healthier and more ready today.

Pilates: what it is, benefits and all about the method

Pilates: what it is, benefits and all about the method

First called "contrology", pilates is a type of physical activity that seeks to control the muscles of the body, strengthening the muscles of the body, and improving your tone, as well as giving your body greater flexibility. Today, some doctors consider it a form of therapy, because it is an individualized exercise.


HIIT workout on the treadmill to dry without a lot of time

HIIT workout on the treadmill to dry without a lot of time

HIIT training is an indicated way to lose weight because it spends many calories in a short period of time and also increases the body's caloric expenditure in the next 24 hours . As the training requires high cardiac frequencies, it is recommended to undergo a medical evaluation before practicing. Misivia Avila, a professor at SmartFit, explains: "Whenever we start any activity it is necessary to talk to a teacher to receive all the necessary guidelines and avoid a poorly executed training, and can generate unnecessary injuries.