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Learn how to avoid hair stains at home

Learn how to avoid hair stains at home

Cultivating beautiful, healthy hair takes time, attention and weighs in the budget, since good products tend to have salty prices. This is why it is very common for women to take shortcuts in search of quick results that are inexpensive and efficient in dealing with wires, especially when changing the color of the locks. However, facing a task of responsibility such as changing color requires unprecedented care to avoid compromising the look.

Paint in the living room or at home?

The doubt that plagues women who have already decided to change the color of the yarn has Answer: It is possible to paint the hairs at home without compromising the result, yes. But do not think it's a cinch. First, change should not be radical and should be focused on simple repairs, such as root retouching. According to the architect Ernani Fernandes, home painting should be done with toners to reduce the chances of damage, as the product does not compromise the color and leaves easily with washes. If the intention is to use permanent paints for a more daring change the best thing to do is to look for a professional.

Tips for dyeing hair at home - Photo: Getty Images

Choose the right ink
If you feel like it in conditions to face the test of fire to paint their own hair is good to not waver in the details. The choice of ink is a fundamental and decisive step in the result. According to Fernandes, knowing your type of yarn and the tint you want to give them helps to define the type of ink that will be used in the process.

Attention to small care

Preparations that color of the threads should be followed carefully so you do not sour a disastrous result in front of the mirror. First, it is important to test your sensitivity to the product before you apply it. The process is simple: just pass a small amount on the wrist or forearm. Itching, burning and irritation are the red alert to interrupt your plans.

After this phase, do a good wash in the hair the day before to remove moisturizing residue without rinsing, silicone, gel or other types of masks. It is recommended not to wash the wires for at least 24 hours prior to the application of the tincture. With this precaution, you avoid the loss of natural oil, a powerful protective agent of the hair or the scalp in contact with the chemistry of the product.

Step by step
1. Use a silicone ointment to pass on the forehead, ears, around the face and at the nape of the neck. It is important to make sure that the hairs already in the paint do not stain the skin

2. Break the hair into strands. With this, you ensure that you will not forget to paint all the wires

3 ... Start the application by the nape


5.After dyeing, try to use specific shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair

6.Be careful not to bathe in very hot water as the steam helps to fade the hair. dye

7. Hair women who are already dyed should avoid doing the process alone. It is recommended to seek a professional to avoid disasters that will compromise the result.

Using expired makeup can do a lot of harm to your health

Using expired makeup can do a lot of harm to your health

A lipstick of every color, base, powder and shade of the most infinite shades. Even if you wear makeup every day, if you are not a professional make-up artist, you will hardly be able to do away with all your products before their expiration date expires. "For many women, make-up has great durability.


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