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Learn to change your habits and have a better year

Learn to change your habits and have a better year

Every beginning of the year we promise to let go of those habits that harm us. After a few weeks, we have returned unconsciously to the automatic module. And the drama repeats itself in the beginning.

But the good news is that this is not always the case because of a lack of motivation or discipline. Other factors may be involved and we do not even notice it.

Let's look at the food case. You spent a few months or even years religiously eating the same amount of food daily. How do you want to change this ingrained pattern in just one month?

Another common case is sleep. You always lay down at midnight and wake up around 7 o'clock with the help of the alarm clock.

Plan, perform, and do not hesitate to improvise.

Seven hours in bed are proven to be insufficient for most children , teenagers and adults. But this habit is sometimes so present that it is difficult to change.

The same applies to diets. In order to reverse this situation, it is important to absorb the necessary nutrients in the right dose and times.

For those who exercise little, it is recommended to lower caloric intake in meals. Athletes and blue-collar workers often add more calories to their normal diet, taking into account extra spending on their activities.

Prefer nutrient-quality calories from natural, balanced foods without excess fat and pasta. Refined sugar and artificial preservatives that simulate flavors should not be part of your menu. Fructose and honey from bees are the best sweeteners. In addition to salt, chocolate, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.

And by talking about physical activity, also organize your training following a flexible and intelligent agenda. For example:

1) Define the days and times you are going to spend, depending on your availability and free time.

2) Use breaks in your workout routine and look for alternate times whenever possible. Often we can enjoy the morning periods throughout the week by sleeping 1 hour early the day before or by doing the next morning's chores.

3) Use that idle space on your lunch hour to sweat your shirt in the park or on the Academy. Take the time between leaving work and arriving home. In addition to avoiding heavy traffic, you will be in a nice and different place, spilling out the accumulated nervous energy in a therapeutic, safe and productive way.

Finally, plan, execute, and do not hesitate to improvise. Stiffness may discourage you in the long run. Another tip: short mini-vacation every quarter and break the protocols above. Travel, camp, vary the dishes, taste good wine ... Reward yourself without abuse and be your best company!

Try these measures and adapt them to your biorhythm.

This is the natural and progressive cycle of changes that the brain needs to give up the conditioned reactions.

Do not let your joints inactive and your muscles atrophy : Move yourself! Like cars, the body needs to "get out of the garage" and go around town to lubricate the gears.

My final message to all readers is: let's make 2012 the year of action and movement!

Athlete auctioned Olympic medal to help boy with cancer

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