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Learn to identify signs of stressed skin

Learn to identify signs of stressed skin

Physical fatigue, overload at work, pressure to meet deadlines, emotional disturbances, personal losses, fear, friction with family members ... These and several other factors can make everyday life extremely tiring and stressful. Sometimes this stress is so great that it can be a starting point for the onset of diseases, and a commonly affected organ is the skin.

When this happens, the result is the popularly called "stressed skin." According to dermatologist Lígia Kogos, stress increases the production of the body's natural corticosteroids, which facilitates skin atrophy and loss of collagen and still causes a deficit in circulation, accelerating aging.

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How does the skin stay when it is "stressed"?

"In general, the skin is not homogeneous, it has some reddish and dry areas and a few oily ones, "says the dermatologist.

According to Ligia, the pores become dilated, leaving the skin looking coarser. On the face, pimples appear on the chin and around the mouth and flaking at the corners of the nose, corners of the mouth and forehead.

Deep cleansing to prevent

To prevent skin from exhibiting these symptoms, The dermatologist recommends giving a cleansing cleansing of the skin, even if it appears to be dry. For this, the ideal is to use more powerful soaps, such as those based on sulfur.

Lígia also advises, in order to finish the facial cleansing, the use of hydroalcoholic or astringent lotions, applied with cotton, to remove impurities, secretions and skin pollution.

Moisturizing creams: which one to use?

The person with the stressed skin should use fine, soothing creams that do not overload the skin. "Prefer the moisturizers in thin cream or oil free lotions, which come in the form of gel or cream gel are also suitable," says Lígia.

In the evening, the use of Vitamin C or Alpha-hydroxy acids in cream gel or serum can cause the skin to regain its balance faster.

Some types of moisturizer should be avoided: "Even if the skin looks dry, discard the very oily nutritional creams as they aggravate the imbalance," he warned. the dermatologist.

Make-up Care

Lígia Kogos says that make-up can be used and that it even relieves the symptoms and contributes to the person not being worried about the imperfections of the skin. Dry touch oil free bases, fixed with powder, give good coverage to the reddish, irritated and pimple areas ", says the dermatologist.

However, it is extremely necessary to remove the makeup before bedtime.

According to Lígia, when you have your skin stressed , sleeping on makeup only exacerbates the problem.

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