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Learn to leave fortified hair

Learn to leave fortified hair

One, two, three months have passed and you have already accepted the fact that your hair does not grow at the same speed as your friend's. Not to mention those strands that insist on mopping, showing how the hair is brittle and damaged. But paying attention to the food you eat and a visit to the hairdresser can make a difference.

The yarn grows from a half to a centimeter per month, according to each profile. "Factors such as hormonal changes and food interfere in this way," says dermatologist Marcelo Bellini.

Check below the tips of hair specialist and hair stylist Marcos Coraza, by Gilberto Cabeleireiros, to boost the growth of hair. which makes a difference

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Food is essential to strengthen the hair and stimulate growth. Some specific nutrients such as minerals (zinc, selenium, calcium, silicon and iron), vitamins (E, C and complex B), proteins and whole grains. The properties of these nutrients work in cosmetics, but their greatest benefit is when they are present in foods consumed, says Bellini.

To reap the benefits of this powerful nutrients, bet on the following menu:


Meat, Eggs Iron,

Liver, wheat germ, almonds, raisins, beans, lentils and dark leaves; Zinc :

Meat, wheat germ, beer yeast, oysters, walnuts, egg yolk and linseed oil; They prevent baldness:

Hair care B vitamins: soybean

Vitamin C: acerola, guava, cabbage, broccoli, green peppers, spinach, oranges and strawberries;

Vitamin E: germ oil of chickpeas, lentil, egg yolk, avocado, carrot, sunflower seed and fish; wheat, sunflower oil, walnuts and peanuts.

In the salon

In addition to unbalanced food, other factors hamper the growth of the wires. "The lack of hydration and scalp poorly cared for and oily make the process difficult," explains the hairdresser Marcus Corazza. "The lack of regular haircutting of the tips, will weaken the wires and will have impaired growth," he says.

Check out below the tips to give that strength to the wires:


Keep hair always hydrated, often using a good capillary mask.


Take care of keratin layers. If you are chemically compromised, cauterize. 3.

Always vary the shampoo and conditioner and use a deep cleaning shampoo (once a week or every 15 days) to remove excess chemicals, dirt, and grease so the leather breathes better. They can clog the pores and prevent new hair strands from coming out. 4.

Jaborandi shampoo stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, but its overuse dries the wires; 5.

Keep the ends always trimmed, and do not wait for them to open face to cut, this weakens the wires causing a fall. 6.

Avoid too much water hot, as it can cause irritations on the scalp and leave the hair very oily, which also inhibits growth. 7.

Let the hair breathe. When it is smothered in scarves, tails or cokes, or wet, fungi can proliferate and hinder growth.

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