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Learn to make four different types of braids

Learn to make four different types of braids

The year 2010 was braided. At the major international fashion shows, the hair of the models warned that Grandma's hairstyle was back. Democratic, she looks good and leaves the cool look for both an elegant party and day-to-day, in less formal situations. And the best: you can use creativity. They can be unstructured and in different parts of the hair. Now, if you have short hair, no chance of being braided, go apply without fear. If the idea is to be inspired by the look of celebrities, pay attention to the detail pointed out by the hairstylist Marco Antônio de Biaggi: "The long braids fall better on tall women, since the small ones tend to appear even smaller."

Learn to do Hairstyles at home - Photo: Getty Images


Before starting work, make a brush to avoid frizz in the hair (the creepy little hair). Then, just follow the steps:

- Divide the fringe into three equal locks and start the braid.

- Make the three buds with the fringe threads, pull a few more strands of hair and one at a time in each braid.

- Repeat the step, always pulling the strings and the strands. attaching one strand to each strand.

- After incorporating the strands into the initial strand, it is time to join all strands to the strand.

- When you have finished braiding all the hair, tie the end of the braid with a rubber band.

Tiara braid
- Pull all the hair back with the help of a brush and hold the wires at the height of the left ear as if to pin them and make a slight twisting motion.

- Apply a spray fixative to prevent frizz.

- Start the braid at the height of the ears, always pulling the strings well and tying the hair up to achieve the effect of a tiara.

- When reaching the height of the other ear, with the braid practically ready, fasten the ends of the ends with a clip in the braid itself.

- The tip for the braid tiara not to loosen and to be firm is to fasten it all with

Side braid

- Straighten all the hair to one side and divide it into three very wide locks.

- Begin braiding just below the ear, without pushing too hard to reach the

- When finished, fasten the tip with a rubber band. To achieve a look like that of the famous ones, who parade with the most modern braids (messy and chubby), divide the braid tip into two strands and stretch out horizontally. With this step, open the wicks using your fingers. To finish, use your own hair to hide the elastic and secure it with a clip.
Braid ponytail

- Pull the whole length of hair back, stretching well, and fasten as if to make a tail of

- After attaching the threads, apply an ointment to the front and with the help of a finely finished comb.

- Divide the ponytail into three parts and make a loose braid. When finished, fasten with a rubber band. Hide it with a bit of hair.

Home Treatments That Lighten True Dark Circles

Home Treatments That Lighten True Dark Circles

Dark circles are a super common problem in women and men, and usually happen for two reasons: deposit of melanin in the region and dilation of the blood vessels of the region. Usually they are associated to sleepless nights and crying, and give the impression that the person is tired. In both cases, if you woke up with dark circles and do not want to leave the house with them, you can bet on some home treatments, indicated by dermatologists: 1 .


Coffee shampoo: mixing the grain in the cosmetic does not bring benefits to the hair

Coffee shampoo: mixing the grain in the cosmetic does not bring benefits to the hair

Coffee shampoo is becoming a fashion on the internet, promising several benefits to hair. Caffeine is an alkaloid, a nutrient that appears naturally in coffee and tea and has been increasingly used in cosmetics because of its high biological activity and its ability to penetrate the skin barrier. Cosmetic formulations use caffeine in concentrations ranging from 1 to 5%, depending on the intended use of the product.