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Magnesium Chloride: 5 Benefits of Mineral to Health

Magnesium Chloride: 5 Benefits of Mineral to Health

Magnesium chloride is one of the major supplements of the mineral magnesium, since it is the format in which the mineral is best absorbed in the body.

Magnesium is a mineral needed in various processes and reactions of the organism, such as in the use of muscles, breathing and even use of the brain. Such importance is due to the fact that magnesium is related to the energy production of cells. Therefore, their deficiency can lead to many consequences to the body, such as constipation, problems in blood glucose control, cardiovascular problems and even in the nervous system.

Many people with health problems due to lack of magnesium can therefore benefit with the supplementation of this nutrient, through the consumption of magnesium.

So if you believe that magnesium chloride can help you, you should first seek a doctor or dietitian who can analyze whether you have mineral deficiency and if it really can bring improvements to your health.

Benefits of Magnesium Chloride in Study

Magnesium Chloride Scoop - Photo: Getty Images

Some studies show that magnesium chloride may be beneficial in some situations , such as:

Diabetes treatment Insulin, the hormone responsible for putting glucose into cells, needs the magnesium to be produced and also to aid in the metabolization of sugar. When people with diabetes have less magnesium in the body (it is usually excreted with extra glucose in the blood), studies have shown magnesium chloride supplementation in diabetics improved the action of insulin and consequently brought better control of the condition.

PMS and menstrual cramps

Magnesium chloride may be effective for women. Some studies have already shown that supplementation of the mineral may reduce PMS and also menstrual cramps if it is taken before menstruation. However, the reason for this property is not yet known. Reduction of asthma attacks

Magnesium seems to help those with asthma, as seizures are caused by the contraction of the bronchial walls, structures that take air to the lung, causing shortness of breath. Some studies indicate that magnesium chloride supplementation helps to dilate these structures, preventing disease crises. Migraine Improvement

Magnesium also has the power to relax blood vessels, just as it relaxes the bronchi. In this way, it helps migraine, a type of headache that occurs precisely due to contraction and dilation of the skull veins. Muscle contraction problems in athletes

People who practice a lot of physical activity may lose magnesium in sweat , and it is extremely important to them, since it enables muscle contraction. Therefore, athletes who supplement magnesium chloride achieve better exercise performance. But it's important to note: this does not mean that magnesium improves the muscles of those who do not exercise. Magnesium Chloride Slim?

There is no scientific evidence that magnesium chloride can help you lose weight. It really is involved in the process of breaking fat (called lipolysis), however, in order for lipolysis to happen it needs first of a stimulus, which is usually a physical activity or changes in diet. After this stimulation, magnesium acts, causing cells to break down fat and use it as energy.

Conclusion, magnesium chloride may even help in weight loss if there is mineral deficiency, but for this it is still necessary to resort to exercise and balanced diet.

Who has magnesium deficiency?

Magnesium chloride being thrown over Magnesium is a mineral that can be found in a variety of foods, so food is often used to supply this nutrient. However, there are some people who are more prone to magnesium deficiency, such as:

People with diabetes: especially those with poorly controlled disease, since magnesium ends up being excreted by the body along with glucose that is not absorbed by the cells

People who ingest alcohol in large quantities: since the substance prevents the absorption of magnesium

  • Elderly: with age the stomach produces less hydrochloric acid, so magnesium ends up being less absorbed
  • People with little diets balanced: Magnesium is mainly present in green leaves, so those who avoid these foods may have nutrient deficiency
  • High intake of soft drinks: phosphate in cola drinks inhibits the absorption of magnesium
  • Use of calcium supplements
  • Women taking contraceptives or hormone replacement for estrogen
  • People who take laxatives or diuretics, medicines that make this mineral Magnesium chloride will not work if the person does not have magnesium deficiency in his / her body. In addition, people with impaired renal function should not consume magnesium chloride, since they have difficulty in excreting the mineral.
  • Side effects
  • Excess magnesium can cause diarrhea, loss of appetite, pressure drop, and weakness muscle.

Recommended Amount

The recommended daily amount of magnesium ranges from 500 to 1000 mg. Therefore, it is indicated to begin by ingesting 500 mg of magnesium chloride, but diluting that dose throughout the day.

How to Prepare Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride being diluted in water - Photo: Getty Images

The best way is to buy magnesium chloride powder and dilute it in filtered or mineral water. You can mix two tablespoons in a quart of water and consume only 50,000 a day, taking one tablespoon at a time.

How to get magnesium naturally?

Magnesium can be found in several foods. Its major source are green leafy vegetables, since chlorophyll is made up of magnesium. But it can also be found in good amounts in meats and cereals and is present in some way in almost all foods.

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