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Know the story of Jaqueline, who lost 30kg with Diet and Health

Know the story of Jaqueline, who lost 30kg with Diet and Health

Jaqueline had no problems with the balance until she reached the stage adult Accustomed to weighing 50kg for most of her life, the 26-year-old teacher was shocked to see that she had gained so much weight. With the help of her family, she was able to regain her confidence and lost 30kg in a year. Today, Jaqueline happily shares her results and succeeds in inspiring anyone with her story. Check it out:

Have you ever had problems with weight?

No. I have always been very thin in childhood and adolescence. I ate a lot, but because I practiced sports and loved dancing, I did not get fat. However, when I started preparing to get married, I was very anxious. So I became very anxious and began to discount the food. I remember eating a bullet pack by myself! After I got married, I got fatter. After all, everything was new and my husband cooks very well.

What did your family members say?

My family did not accept this sudden change. Some were joking and my mother took me to the doctor to start a weight loss drug.

What was it like dealing with so many sudden changes?

It was extremely difficult, mainly because I weighed 50kg for half of my life. Now I could not afford to buy the clothes I liked, and even my ring was no longer on my finger.

When did you start to lose weight?

jaqueline-ds - Photo: Personal Archive

After an invitation from my younger sister, I started exercising in March 2015. I I had no intention of losing weight, after all I had already tried 6 months of bodybuilding a few years ago and had not lost any weight. But I cheered up after a few days and so in a conversation with my sister she pointed me to the Diet and Health application.

Did you have support?

My sisters, my mother and my husband supported me a lot. My older sister and my mother started going to the gym with me, which was great for encouraging me. My husband stopped making food from the old days and helped me with everything I needed for my food re-education.

What was it like to use a weight loss application?

In the first week, I felt stressed with routine changes, but I adapted well, because the Diet and Health is well didactic. A month later I had already lost a few pounds and I was super excited! I remember when I first weighed down after I started using the application: I had lost weight 2kg and left jumping for joy in the market! I just used the dot counter and it was essential to me. This application is wonderful, plus a great ally in my day to day. I use to this day to control my eating and not get fat again.

What has changed since I lost so much weight?

My life has changed a lot! My self-esteem, my marriage, my disposition, my health ... everything changed for the better. I feel younger, and when I see my old photos, I can not recognize myself. They say that I am great and whenever they ask what I did, I say: diet reeducation through Diet and Health and exercises. I even won a contest at the gym because I was the one who lost most! I am shy, but whenever you praise me for the results, my heart overflows with happiness!

Jaqueline ends her testimony with an incredible message: "I encourage everyone who is around me to lose weight and I say it is not as difficult as it seems! it is about health and well-being, every effort is worth it and the fruits are wonderful Do not give up! Your life is a precious good! "

The nutritional properties of eggplant

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