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Men should also worry about clothes

Men should also worry about clothes

I know that many men are afraid of the colors and the more daring cuts in their garments, I also know that most of them really do not give a damn about it. They think their best outfit is their car and they give this object all the value and attention of the world, not caring about the image itself.

I say this with full knowledge, because as the saying goes "Saint from home it does not make a miracle, "and I have this example very close, inside my house.

I often get all dressed up and my husband dresses in a human billboard, that is, a propaganda shirt, he goes so far as to ask I sew the puncture that appeared in that old propaganda shirt he's been using for decades. Help!

Colors and cut styles in clothing, not only favor women, but also men, bringing charm and elegance, to anyone who dares to adopt the personal image, as an item of value and importance in their day to day. Here are some suggestions:

Colors and cut styles in clothes, favor not only women, but also men, bringing charm and elegance.

Dismembering the suit

Do you know those pants of your chalk line?

Yes, it does not need to be specifically worn only with the jacket. To give a sophisticated and sophisticated air on an occasion of christening, birthday lunch, or even a simpler cocktail, wear the pants with a polo shirt blouse and a social shoe, and if the event is more relaxed yet, you can

Scarf is also man thing

In times of cold weather, it is very charming and even charming to see a man in scarf, but also know that many have prejudice, break this taboo, you do not

Pink is not just girl color

Men can and should wear pink shirt, looks gorgeous, in addition to other baby tones, not just the blue. I saw a photo of Brad Pitty wearing a pink baby suit and it was amazing, it was okay that it was Brad Pitty, but if you think it's too much for you, try to start lightly, wear a chalk line suit with the pink stripes

Fleeing from the traditional jeans

White pants also deserves its place in the sun in the men's wardrobe, it looks very beautiful and it looks good with all the colors of shirt , try

Some rules to save from suffocation


There should only fit one finger between the collar of the shirt and your neck, if you comply with this rule will be elegant.

Pocket in social shirt

Indicates informality, for work until it passes, but otherwise it does not.


The quality of the buttons indicates the quality


The cuff of the shirt should end exactly at the junction of the arm by hand and be fair.

See tricks for packing a suitcase

See tricks for packing a suitcase

Packing is not such a simple task. It is necessary to predict the types of combinations that will marry the astral of the place visited, the moment and, more, with our mood. And it is also important to be prepared for extreme cold or extreme heat without having to pay for excess weight of luggage. According to the personal stylists of the Style Workshop, there are a few tricks to be aware of and advice to be followed.


Chilblains: understand how to prevent the appearance of these fungi

Chilblains: understand how to prevent the appearance of these fungi

Chilblains is the term popularly used to describe mycoses, which are very common skin infections caused by fungi. Fungi are found in nature, both in humans, animals, house dust, clothing and soil. Can occur on the skin, especially on the soles of the feet, palms, between the fingers and feet, armpits, groin, genital region, scalp and nails, because they are regions rich in keratin, food of these fungi.