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Mesotherapy: the technique treats white streaks and localized fat

Mesotherapy: the technique treats white streaks and localized fat

Mesotherapy consists of the application of medicinal substances to the skin, below it or in the muscles, for specific purposes. Usually it is applied for treatment of white streaks, localized fat and even hair loss. Several compounds can be applied, which are mixed according to the patient's complaint.

Mesotherapy was created in France and its main goal is to have more results by applying the medicine at the site to be treated, which also reduces side effects.

One of the first substances used was phosphatidylcholine in the 1990s. Its use became fashionable, but was soon banned in Brazil for aesthetic purposes as there are no clinical studies to prove its safety. Today, substances such as hyaluronidase, tiratricol, xanthine and derivatives of artichoke, sunflower and caffeine are used. Most of them are synthetic.

Other names


Indications of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy can be used on the face and body, so it ends up having several purposes.

White streaks Old streaks, especially the thinnest streaks, may show improvement with the application of mixtures with hyaluronic acid, buflomedil and asiaticoside.

Localized fat The accumulation of adipose tissue with small volume in the abdomen, the sides of the body and thighs can be treated with mixtures of deoxycholate, caffeine and tiratricol applied on the spot, for example.

Cellulite The substance L-carnitine that acts on the toxins that form the cellulite and organic silicon that reduces the accumulation of toxins

Hair treatments Hair loss with various causes (baldness, vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes) can be treated with the infiltration of specific mixtures or products, but only after a precise clinical diagnosis of the reasons for this change.

How Mesotherapy Is Done

Mesotherapy is the local application of substances, either on the skin, below it or on the muscles. the The application is made with needles up to 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter and reaching a depth ranging from 3 to 8 mm. The deeper the application, the more the product will spread in a larger area.

When it is made in the muscles, usually anti-inflammatory, relaxing or anesthetic substances are applied. It usually works best on smaller areas, since there is a limit on the volume of substance that is applied.

Mesotherapy for localized fat specifically applies the substance to fat cells, making fat more fluid. The fluidized fat ends up being reabsorbed by the liver and will later be metabolized and eliminated by the organism, feces, urine or even used as energy.

In addition to the needle and syringe assembly, instruments considered more sophisticated and more expensive: the mesotherapy guns. They electronically inject the substance into multiple points that allow you to measure the volume and depth of the application. The disadvantage of this system is the difficulty of sterilization of the whole set, since only the needle is disposable.


A mean of 5 to 10 sessions are indicated and the results vary according to each case and goal. Each session lasts an average of 30 minutes and can be done weekly. The results usually end up appearing in the third session, but it all depends on the clinical indication and the type of problem being treated.

Professionals who can do

This procedure is very complex because it involves a technical knowledge of human anatomy, of possible complications. Therefore, the ideal is that it be done by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and specialized physiotherapists.

Pre-Mesotherapy Care

During the day it is important that the skin is clean, without creams or other products on the skin. Any factor that makes blood more fluid is contraindicated in the days prior to treatment, such as acetylsalicylic acid.

Care after mesotherapy

Care should be taken with where the substances have been applied, preferring cotton fabrics, avoiding jeans and also sit on surfaces directly with the skin. It is indicated to use icy compresses in the body, to reduce the pain and the discomfort, besides diminishing the formation of hematoma. If they form, it is very important to have adequate sun protection to prevent stains. It is also important to avoid other aesthetic techniques that manipulate the area where the mesotherapy was performed.

In the treatment for stretch marks, the use of compressive shorts is indicated for seven to ten days after the sessions.


A mesotherapy is contraindicated for people with autoimmune diseases (such as lupus, for example) or who have some skin disease where the product will be injected.

Pregnant can do?

During pregnancy or breastfeeding mesotherapy, as substances can harm the fetus or reach into breast milk.

Possible complications of mesotherapy

One of the complications that can occur in mesotherapy is infection by microbacteria, which may occur due to inadequate asepsis of the material or contamination of the applied substances. Usually it may require treatment with different medications and may result in non-aesthetic scars.

Other problems, such as skin rashes, necrosis, urticaria and even atrophy, usually caused by poor performance of the procedure or by the type of substance applied , if it is not indicated or even applied in the wrong way.


In general, the most common and expected is that the application of the substances causes bruising, redness, swelling, itching and pain. The results of mesotherapy depend very much on the goal you want to achieve. Usually they end up appearing only after the third session. In general, there are not many studies that fully prove the effectiveness of this treatment.

Combine mesotherapy with ...

Balanced nutrition

What you often eat is what causes the appearance of cellulites and localized fat. For that reason, the ideal is to reduce the amount of fats, fried foods, sugar and carbohydrates ingested and to consume more fruits, vegetables and vegetables, to have a greater contribution of varied nutrients and fibers, that bring satiety. Moisturizing is also important in these two treatments. Physical Activity

Exercising is one of the best ways to prevent localized fat build-up and increases metabolism and blood circulation, helping to cellulite. Implementing these changes helps maintain results and prevents future relapses. Laser treatments

The method can help when the goal is to eliminate stretch marks. Dermatologist Carolina Marçon (CRM-SP: 113,379), a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) is a case of fractured lasers that bring the best result for removal of these marks, even if they are old. > Esthetician Katia Pacheco Barbosa, director of the Salon Menta Pimenta

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