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Modeling massage: improves circulation and body appearance

Modeling massage: improves circulation and body appearance

Modeling massage is a massage done with stronger and deeper movements, in order to reach deeper layers of the skin. The attribution that she breaks fats is controversial, since many doctors claim that it is impossible to break the fat just with the movement of the hands. Even so, massage also acts in the circulation, improving the metabolism of the region. That way, it turns out to be effective against cellulite, but only in mild and moderate degrees. You can use accessories to increase the intensity of the massage as: rollers with small suction cups, polka dots with textures, gloves with textures, among others.

Other names

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Massage power, massage The main purposes of modeling massage are to activate the local metabolism, increase blood circulation and stimulate neuromuscular responses, which gives the impression of being with the body.

Indications for modeling massage

more rigid soon after the procedure. This effect also helps reduce cellulite on the spot, only if it is mild or moderate. However, it can not be said that it is able to break fats, since it is impossible to do this with the hands. It is more common for the massage to be done with too much force and to damage the fibers that support the fat, causing long-term flaccidity.

How to do modeling massage

Modeling massage has more vigorous movements than lymphatic drainage , executed quickly and firmly. Uses movements like sliding, kneading, pinching and percussion. Usually it is restricted to areas with large accumulation of fat, such as: abdomen, hips, buttocks, buttocks, thighs and sometimes arms.

There may be pain, but it should not be excessive. There should be no bruising in the regions where the massage is done, this indicates that the procedure was performed in the wrong way, with a lot of pressure in the area. In addition, the purple marks mean bad oxygenation in the area, something that goes against the principles of the technique.


The modeling massage should be done once or twice a week, and usually the treatment should be continuous, maintain the results. But in people with balanced diet and constant physical activity, one session is indicated after treatment every 15, 20 days after obtaining the expected result. Each session lasts an average of 30 to 40 minutes, and there may be an interval of 48 to 72 hours between each of them, according to the evaluation of the professional.

Professionals who can do

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It is very important that the modeling massage is done by a trained professional, usually dermato-functional physiotherapist or beautician.

Care before modeling massage

As massage is generally performed with thermogenic cosmetics (which heat and stimulate the local metabolism), the ideal is to have a body scrub once a week, to achieve a better penetration of the active ingredients that these cosmetics contain.

If the intention is to perform the massage in the abdomen, the ideal is do not eat before the session, as vigorous movements can cause reflux or even vomiting during the massage.

Care after modeling massage

The ideal is to try to leave the creams used in the skin massage for up to two hours, so they can act longer and bring benefits to the skin. Performing aerobic physical activity during this time is a great call to enhance the benefits of massage.


People with heart disease or hypertension are contraindicated because massage promotes vasodilation and this may increase systemic blood pressure.

People with fever should also avoid, as the procedure raises the temperature even more. People with osteoporosis may suffer fractures or micro fractures because of bone fragility.

Varicose veins and capillary fragility are also contraindicated by vigorous movements that may rupture the vessels (which will cause bruising) and in more severe cases of varicose veins, a vessel

Pregnant can do?

No, this massage, by having stronger and stronger movements, can harm pregnant women, causing even early contractions or miscarriages. .

Possible complications Modeling massage

Risks and complications will only occur if contraindications are not respected or if the professional is not trained. When the massage is done with too much force, it can cause broken vessels and also bruised the skin, indicating that it is not being done correctly.


The results of this massage are very transient and difficult to be evaluated, even because there are no scientific studies that prove the efficacy of the method with a large sampling group. The most correct is to say that the massage is able to shape the body shapes, but the effect is temporary.

You can stop feeling the results after a certain time without doing the procedure. This varies from case to case, but can occur in 15 days, a month, two months, and depends on factors such as diet, physical activity, fluid retention, etc. ...

Finally, most experts stress that this massage is not able to break the fat. Instead of this, it can damage the fibers that support the fat, making the person even more flaccid over time.

Alie modeling massage a ...

Balanced food

If you want to have the body in way, no use, eating well is essential. Also because they are the excess calories and the badly chosen fats that will become the little ones. Consuming macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates and proteins) in a balanced way, as well as consuming only the energy that you spend throughout the day, are important strategies for not always getting fat replenished. Physical Activity

The best way to converting fat mass into lean mass is practicing exercises. In addition to reducing body fat, physical activity helps to boost the results of your modeling massage. Compare modeling massage with other treatments

Modeling massage is almost ineffective when compared to other cosmetic treatments. Therefore, it may be worth investing in other treatments if the intention is to reduce localized fat and cellulite.


The device emits sound waves promoting mechanical vibrations that increase local circulation and alter the cell membrane adipocytes (fat cells) favoring the extravasation of the cellular content. It can be associated with a stereo-dynamic current, which is used precisely to stimulate the lymphatic system. Ultracavitation

The technique acts on fat cells, reaching a greater depth than ultrasound, for example. Its mechanical waves cause vibrations and the formation of microbubbles in the body fluids present at the application site, stimulating the breakdown of fat. Thus, adipose content is removed from within the cells, reducing adipocyte size. Cryolipolysis

The method consists of the intense and local cooling that will result in the destruction of the fat cells without causing damage to adjacent tissues. After this freezing the cell does not return to its normal form, being eliminated by the organism. It is a non-invasive, safe and effective method (in a single application the treated area can have its fat layer reduced by an average of 20% to 25%). For now is the most effective technology for combating localized fat. Sources

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