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Muscle Cramps: How to Avoid and Relieve

Muscle Cramps: How to Avoid and Relieve

Painful and extremely uncomfortable, cramps are by definition the involuntary contraction of a skeletal muscle that has its contracting and relaxing action performed through nerve impulses commanded by the will (whether sports or not) appear as a symptom of fatigue, of efforts that have already exhausted nutrients, enzymes, electrolytes, water, among others, impairing the command responsible for the action of muscles during the exercise. chain of movement required for the sporting gesture performed at that moment.

Some chronic diseases and some medications of continuous use may have cramp as a side effect. Of course, they are the same as physical activity but completely different in their primary cause.

Avoiding cramp is not a very simple task because it is multifactorial and here are a few recommendations.

How to avoid muscle cramps

Keep It is constantly hydrated: this recommendation - water replenishment, applies to the day to day and not only to the one where the activity occurs or even during its execution. Avoid days and times of intense heat. Controlling body temperature at these times will cause you to lose more water and electrolytes than on fresh days. Note that many marathoners use water to cool the body, sometimes because they consider themselves well hydrated and know the importance of body temperature control

  • - Avoid intense cold: muscle contraction is part of the warm-up to maintain the temperature body. Continuous nerve stimulation for heat production can result in cramp
  • Take tests and competitions the size of your fitness. Remember that fatigue is the trigger for cramps. Knowing your limit is key so that it does not happen
  • Have a good night's sleep on the eve of competitions and intense efforts. Avoid drinking alcohol as it causes acute dehydration, everything you will not want for the next day.
  • Well, what if, despite all the care, the cramp occurs? What to do? Um, be very careful at the time. As I commented, the cramp leaves the muscle in a prolonged state of contraction and to "undo" it should be lengthened. Simple, is not it? No!

Basic Recommendations for Relieving Pains

If you are the sufferer, try to concentrate and? Command? again the muscle to relax and undo the contraction. Imagining the contrary movement to what he tries to do may be the way out. He should relax to allow this necessary gesture for the proposed move.

  • It did not work voluntarily, actively, ask someone to do this move for you. But beware - it must be done in an extremely gentle way because it is an antagonistic movement to the command of contraction. Remember that the muscle does not lengthen (contract and relax) and if the strength is excessive, the cramp becomes a muscle rupture, further away from physical activity.
  • And finally, there is no remedy for cramp in sports except following the general rules of good conditioning and a healthy life. Respect your limits and be happy!

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