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Muscle hypertrophy: how to conquer muscle growth

Muscle hypertrophy: how to conquer muscle growth

Many people who do weight training seek muscle growth, that is, muscle hypertrophy. However, it is necessary to have training with specific care to conquer a muscular body. Ask your questions about the following:

Are there certain exercises for hypertrophy?

Some exercises are usually better for this. In the case of the arms, they are the ones that work the triceps and biceps muscles. For triceps we have the option of triceps pulley, triceps rope, French triceps and triceps bench. Now for the biceps we have the concentrated thread, scot thread, hammer thread and pulley thread. Already thinking about the shoulders, it is important to prioritize series such as lateral elevation, alternating frontal elevation and development. In order to hypertrophy the legs, pay more attention to the extension chair, flexor chair, leg press, squatting in the smith and sink, twins sitting and standing.

How many times a week should you go to the gym?

It depends a lot on the level If you are a beginner, for example, you will be able to do a good job two to three times a week. An intermediary, who has been training for more than six months, can go three to five times. An advanced one, who has been training for more than a year, benefits from training five to seven times a week.

What are the methods for hypertrophy?

It is important to make it clear that there are numerous methods of hypertrophy and a lot of old things , as the statement that "hypertrophy consists of three or four sets of 8 repetitions" has long since fallen.

Among the main methods for developing hypertrophy are the pyramidal, drop set, emphasis on the eccentric phase, vascular occlusion, and so it goes There are studies that prove the increase of hypertrophy with training loads around 60% of its maximum force (which may be considered a low load), but in this particular case, the series are carried out until what we call concentric failure, where it is not possible to do any more movement.

In general following the Russian school of training the methods of dividing into tensions and metabolic ones, the tensions, like that that emphasizes in the eccentric face, cause more micro-injuries in the muscular cells and the metabolic ones , such as the dropset, require more of the body as a whole, greatly increases the metabolism and will cause hypertrophy through a higher production of GH, which is the growth hormone.

It is important to be clear that it is not the exercise that goes to generate hypertrophy, but the total training intensity, which is measured by volume of repetitions versus load versus recovery time between sets. There is also an amount of exercises performed by each muscle group and rest time from muscle group until the new training. Research on this subject points to nine to 12 sets per week, per muscle group, are enough to generate hypertrophy. In addition to this, some principles of sports training must be applied, the main ones in this case are the principle of overload, over compensation and variability:

1. The overload principle says that the body adapts to the stimuli and to evolve, in which case it is necessary to continuously make adjustments increasing intensity in some way, be it the workload, repetition volume or amount of exercises for that muscle group. > 2. The principle of overcompensation says that after training the body enters a picture of muscle inflammation and when it recovers it will return better than the previous stage. But you have a certain time to perform the new training, which can not happen with this muscle that has not yet been recovered or recovered for too long, for example, I trained my chest on Monday and 10 days later I train again.3. The principle of variability says that the body that always tries to protect us and for this is trying to adapt to the training you do. It is important to vary the stimuli with different exercises and training methods.

Is muscle hypertrophy only achieved with bodybuilding?

Any resistance exercise can have effects on hypertrophy, bodybuilding is undoubtedly the best way to do this, since it is easy to have load control and there is more security working with the machines. However, exercises using body weight such as pilates, functional training and suspended training can also have hypertrophic effects. The only problem is that in these other methods you will not be able to increase your workload any more.

What other interesting attitudes to increase the muscles?

Unlike those who want to lose weight, bodybuilding has no secret, is to train right, rest and eat well.

How to choose gloves, sneakers and bodybuilding clothes

How to choose gloves, sneakers and bodybuilding clothes

Bodybuilding is increasing more and more the number of practitioners due to the numerous benefits that it provides. But, we must worry about some items when practicing the sport modality to have more security, comfort and to take full advantage of its benefits. Here are some of these items: Gloves They avoid calluses, they provide greater safety for the exercises, because during your workout you will perspire and the gloves will absorb the sweat and prevent bars or dumbbells from slipping of their hands.


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