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"My husband encouraged me to commit suicide", says Renata Banhara

In a statement to the press, model Renata Banhara said she suffered physical and psychological psychological and physical aggression from her ex-husband. and that he had encouraged her to commit suicide.

According to her account, she picked up and was thrown off the stairs of the house where she lived. Then her husband locked himself with her in the bedroom and encouraged her to throw herself out of the window.

Renata said that her husband opened the window and said phrases to encourage her to suicide: "He said things like: you Renata said, "I do not love you, your children do not love you, I do not love you." 9A very fragile with the situation, Renata said that she considered following her husband's guidance. However, her son found the room key and came to help her mother.

As she remembered the case, Renata said excitedly: "I was humiliated, harassed by the person I loved the most, whom I thought I could trust ... I'm no longer Renata Banhara beautiful and wonderful, but when you marry someone you marry the person's soul ... his psychological violence was inhumane. "

The situation only ended when Renata was able to go out with her son to do a bulletin of occurrence and to pass a examination of body of crime.

The reason for the aggression, according to Renata, would have been because she had discovered a betrayal of her husband while she underwent medical treatment due to complications caused by encephalitis.

Excessive Relationship

The type of testimony reported by Renata Banhara unfortunately happens frequently in Brazil. To get an idea every 7.2 seconds a woman is a victim of physical violence, according to the Report of Violence of the Maria da Penha Institute.

In the year Map of Violence of 2015: Homicide of Women in Brazil were registered 4762 murders against women in 2013 in Brazil. Of these, 50.3% were committed by relatives and 33.2% of these crimes were committed by the partner or ex.

The aggressions suffered by Renata show that she lived an abusive relationship. According to psychologist Raquel Baldo. an abusive relationship is any and all relationship where one person exerts excessive and continuous power over the other person, generating in the other a dependency, imprisonment, fear, insecurity and fear of being himself and preventing in any way this one can express himself and act for himself. "

Raquel explains that the abusive relationship has been part of our culture for many generations and has been taught to children since

How to report cases of violence against women in the Police

People who suffer domestic violence or who wish to help someone who has been through this type of situation can do so. call the Dial 180. The service provides information on the next steps to resolve the situation.

Dial 180 can forward the complaint to Security entities such as His (DDM) or Special Police Station (DEAM).

It is also possible to call dial 190 or go to a Basic Health Unit, where it is possible to refer the victim to specialized care

In addition, the victim may go to a common police station to receive the necessary guidance.

Next step: complaint to the Justice

Women victims of crimes of libel and defamation, such as verbal abuse and intimate photos for the purpose of humiliating and depreciating the woman need to get a lawyer to file a criminal action within a period of up to six months after the event.In the case of a light bodily injury, a public criminal action is filed, which may be carried out in up to four years. In the case of threats of rape of women above 18 years of age in which there is no situation of vulnerability, the complaint must be made within six months of the event.

In addition, it is also possible to seek the guidance in a Women's Police Station or a common police station.

Good-humored men provide the best orgasms, study says. Researchers have discovered that funny and creative faces are the ones who give the best orgasms to their partners.

Good-humored men provide the best orgasms, study says. Researchers have discovered that funny and creative faces are the ones who give the best orgasms to their partners.

The researchers excluded women who were in a serious relationship from the analysis because they might feel compelled to evaluate their partner in a more positive than reality. According to the results, humorous men are those who most promote women orgasms. Also, feeling physical attraction was one factors that increased the reach of orgasms.


Physical exercises help fight low self-esteem

Physical exercises help fight low self-esteem

Practicing regular physical exercises is good for health. The maxim, recommended by experts from various medical areas, also applies to the mind: moving the body also increases self-esteem. Physical activities are an important resource for maintaining emotional balance. According to psychiatrist Maurício Lima, the psychological effects are great.